What is MasterPass Wallet?

MasterPass is a digital wallet that stores the payment and delivery information of your debit and credit cards in one central, secure location.
Absa MasterPass makes your shopping experience safe, fast and incredibly easy.

How to get started with MasterPass
  1. Download the MasterPass App on your smartphone
  2. Load your personal information. Fill in your name and surname, home address and email address on your MasterPass App.
  3. Add billing and shipping information. Enter the billing information for the debit or credit cards that you want to register, as well as the address where you’d like to receive deliveries.
  4. Create your password. Remember to keep your password safe and secure. Your password will be required when you want to change any information.

Shop wherever you see the MasterPass logo.    

MasterPass payment options

Use your MasterPass digital wallet at any online store that displays the MasterPass logo.

1. Select Buy with MasterPass at checkout. Select the Absa icon as your MasterPass-connected wallet.
2. Scan the QR code or enter the code displayed below the QR code.
3. Select the card with which you want to pay. It can be any Mastercard or Visa Debit or Credit Card.
4. Enter your bank card PIN to confirm your transaction.
5. You’ll get an electronic receipt on the successful completion of the transaction to confirm your payment.

A copy of your transaction will be available for future reference.

Where do I locate/download the MasterPass App?

Get the MasterPass App from your App Store or Play Store. Be sure to get the one with the Absa logo.

MasterPass supports

  • Android handsets (Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc.)
  • iOS Apple handsets (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 6)
  • Windows handsets



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