What is vishing?

You answer a call from a normal looking number and speak to somebody who pretends to be from your bank or another familiar organisation. They say there’s a problem with your account and ask you for personal information that a real representative would never ask for. This could be your ID number, online login details, or PIN.  Because they sound legitimate and put you in a panic, if you don’t know what to look out for you could land up giving them your details


How to spot vishing 

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The caller asks you for personal information that you would never officially be asked for over the phone.


The caller tells you about a problem that you know is unlikely to be true, like your account being blocked.


You're asked to call back on the number on your screen as a false form of caller validation. 


Along with the call, you receive an OTP on your phone without having transacted yourself.

How to protect yourself

  • Vishing is a way for fraudsters to manipulate you into giving them your personal information so they can hack your accounts or steal your identity. 
  • Banks use your cell phone number to verify your identity and for you to verify high-risk transactions. 
  • Absa will never ask you for your PIN, password or passcode, transaction verification or card CVV number.
  • Absa will never ask you to call them back to validate a call. 
  • Be vigilant! Never ever share your PIN, password, passcode, transaction verification code or CVV number over the phone.
  • If you receive a phone call requesting you to share personal or confidential information, end the call immediately.
  •  If you receive a One Time Pin (OTP) on your phone without having transacted yourself, be aware that fraudster calling has used your personal information to shop online. DO NOT provide the OTP telephonically to anybody. Contact the bank immediately to report fraud.
  • If you lose mobile connectivity under circumstances where you are usually connected, contact your service provider immediately to verify if your SIM has been swapped or your number ported.
  • If you are a victim of SIM Swap or number porting fraud, call our fraud hotline on 0860 557 557 or +27 11 501 5089 promptly to have your online banking service suspended.
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Contact details

Fraud Hotline: 
0860 557  557
+27 (0)11 501 5089

Secure Call Centre: 
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