Why you need to use your card to make purchases

Get more value out of your credit card and use it to make purchases. Top tip – avoid making cash withdrawals or electronic funds transfers.

What you get from making credit card purchases

  • Free card purchases

    Enjoy free card swipes. Electronic funds transfers (EFTs) to external bank accounts and cash withdrawals incur charges

  • Convenience

    Quick, convenient and hassle-free.

    • No need to remember account numbers or deal with queues and carrying cash
    • Instant gratification
      • Transactions are processed instantly
      • No waiting for funds to clear
      • Purchase items on budget or convert transactions to budget from 3 to 60 months.
  • Rewards earn

    Our Rewards programme rewards you in real cash back for card purchases. What’s more, membership of our programme is FREE.

    Download the Absa Banking App to sign up and start earning real cash back today. 

  • Security

    Card transactions are secure, with built-in fraud protection with 3D Secure transactions, NotifyMe as well as our Digital Fraud Warranty. Plus, you won’t have to worry about sharing sensitive account details.

  • Digital wallets

    Use digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay which add a level of security with biometric or PIN validation. Plus, you do not need to carry your plastic card with you.

What you can also get from your credit card

Our card statements provide a clear breakdown of your expenses. It’s easier to manage your budget when you can see where your money is going. Make sure you register for eStatements!

You can also view your statements on the Bank App or Absa online banking.

Use your card details to pay your bills like DStv with Walletdoc.com and get rewarded as you’re making a card purchase (which qualifies you for Absa Rewards) rather than making an account payment.

Because you pay no fees when you make card purchases, pay directly with your card number when you shop online.

Note: Only use reputable sites when shopping online and make sure the URL address starts with https. Do not respond to unknown payment links sent on SMS asking you to pay additional fees/postage for delivery - always check the original purchase site first for tracking details and updates of your order.