We’re closing the safe custody service

Dear Valued Customer

We would like to inform you that Absa has made the decision to discontinue our safe custody storage service. This change aligns with our ongoing review of service offerings to ensure they align with our business strategy and are sustainable over time.

To facilitate this transition, we kindly request that you schedule an appointment at your nearest Absa branch, to retrieve any items currently held in safe custody by 30 September 2024. Uncollected items may be sold to cover any outstanding fees where applicable. We will fairly evaluate and, if necessary, sell the goods at reasonable value or the best available price. The proceeds from any sale will be used to settle outstanding safe custody fees, with any remaining funds transferred to you, the customer, where traceable.

For any proceeds where a customer is untraceable Absa will manage them in accordance with the applicable regulations regarding unclaimed funds and dormant accounts.  Customers can claim these proceeds at any time without incurring interest.

We encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience to arrange the retrieval of your safe custody items.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.