The Universal Package is an all-inclusive financial solution which offers a day-to-day banking transactional account, a tailor-made credit facility and wealth creation opportunities to grow various investment assets and portfolios.



Improved cash flow benefit

Get a structured loan at home loans interest rates over a 20-year term.


Sub-facilities management

An option to set up multiple sub-facilities, each with its own term and loan statement (for tax purposes).

customisable into separate loan accounts

Maximise asset value

Improved affordability by allowing you to use your personal assets as collateral to fund your next wealth creation project.


Overdraft facility

10% of the loan can be used as an overdraft at the same home loan interest rate.

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Efficient support 

Only 24 hours to access additional funds.

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Innovative finance solutions

Enabling solution built for you, the Property investor, the Professional, the Entrepreneur, the Private banking client 

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  • What you get

    • Tailor-made structured credit facility, including an overdraft
    • Access to structured loans, all offered at one home loan interest rate and over a 20 year term
    • The flexibility to manage daily banking transactions, create wealth and credit management.
    • The prospect of using various collateral types as security*.

    *Collateral types include residential properties, commercial property, share portfolios, fixed deposits, investment and endowment policies and off-shore investments

  • Wealth and day-to-day banking

    Transactional Account

    • An all-inclusive transactional Private Banking Account
    • A dedicated private banker, supported Private Assist and a 24 hour service centre
    • A Visa Signature credit card with no addition service fee
    • Convenient banking through Absa Online (our internet banking platform), Absa App, telephone and cell phone banking
    • Absa Rewards:
      o   Automatic registration at no additional cost
      o   Earn as much as 1.15% cash back of your spend on your card purchases
      o   Earn as much as 20% cash back at participating grocers and when you fill up and shop at Sasol

    Structured loans

    • Immediate liquidity to acquire assets of any type
    • Single and transparent pricing
    • Payment for each sub-facility is managed through a separate monthly debit order
    • Life cover and homeowner’s comprehensive insurance as conditions of grant
    • Structured up to 99 separate loan accounts
    • Monthly statements for each loan account to use for tax purposes
    • The flexible nature of the line of credit makes funds available when individual loan accounts reduce or amortise.
  • What you need to apply

    • Proof of income
    • Full time employed – payslip or other proof of income
    • Self-employed – latest business financial statement and confirmation from auditors of personal income from the business
    • Proof of residence

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