Buy and sell shares and exchange-traded funds

 A Smart Account provides a seamless trading experience with access to local listed shares, warrants and exchange-traded funds. You also get access to delayed and live prices, interactive charts, alerts, up-to-date market information and latest news.

Monthly fee: R75
Brokerage: 0.40% per trade (min R120)
(All fees are excluding VAT. Statutory trading fees apply)


An overdraft is money when you need it most

Interactive charts  and detailed company information

Use interactive charts, browse educational reports and set up watch lists and alerts. We provide the right tools to help you become a successful investor.

Get cash in your pocket

Discounted trading for Premium and Private Banking

If you are an Absa Premium or Private Banking customer, you qualify for reduced fees on your trading account.

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Monthly fee waiver

Perform 3 trades in 3 separate contract notes in a month and the monthly account fee will be waived for the remainder of the month (pro-rata).

An overdraft is money when you need it most

24/7 secure  access to your account

View your portfolio securely online and anytime you want with up-to-date prices, insights and research results.

Get cash in your pocket

Access to World Trader

This account gives you access to invest offshore with World Trader.

World Trader account

Get free R15 000 lump sum death benefit

Safe custody of your holdings

Get secure execution of your trades, safe custody of your holdings and your un-invested cash.

How to get started
Register online if you don’t already have an account
Send any required documents
Transfer funds into your trading account or set up debit orders
Start growing your portfolio


Other investment account options

Tax-Free Savings Account

Tax-free Savings is a great way to invest if you are new to investing and want to maximise your tax benefits while reaping the rewards of a low to medium risk investment. You get access to select local listed exchange-traded funds.

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Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs are collections of different shares, bonds and other instruments and are a single and easy to trade product. Set up a debit order to make regular investments, or invest whenever you want to.

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World Trader Account

Open a World Trader Account at no cost when you own a Smart Account with us. Get access to some of the world’s largest exchanges and diversify your portfolio internationally.

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Want to keep all your interest and not get taxed on your investment?

Open a Tax-Free Savings account online today and trade in select exchange-traded funds.

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