The Universal Package is a structured solution that provides you with a tailor-made credit facility to support your wealth creation aspirations, while helping you to manage your day-to-day banking transactions.

Improved cashflow benefit

Enables various types of asset classes to be used as collateral for financing, over a 20 year term, at home loan interest rates.

Sub-facilities management

You may choose to set up multiple sub-facilities, each with the option to have its own term, and loan statement (for tax purposes). All at the same home loan interest rate.

Maximise asset leveraging

The Universal Package enables better affordability for you over a 20 year term and at home loan rates. In addition to this, by leveraging various assets, it maximises your potential for wealth creation.

Overdraft facility 

For individuals, 10% of the overall facility can be used as an overdraft, at the same home loan interest rate. 

Manage my debt
Quick support 

24hr turnaround time to access further financing with the Universal Package. 


What is the Absa Private Banking Universal Package?

  • What you get

    • The Universal Package is a structured lending solution that provides Absa Private Banking clients with a tailor-made credit facility to support their wealth creation aspirations and financial goals.
    • It provides clients with the flexibility to manage their day-to-day banking transactions using a Private Banking Account, Practice Management Account or a Private Trust Account.
    • Clients who take up the Universal Package can utilise various collateral types as security and obtain an overall lending limit at one home loan interest rate.
    • The various collateral types include residential properties, commercial property, share portfolios, fixed deposits, investment and endowment policies and off-shore investments.
    • Clients may use available funds within their limit as they choose, whether it be to take advantage of an investment opportunity, purchase a new vehicle or to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  • Benefits and features

    • A secured facility that offers an amortising loan, over a 20 year-term.
    • A client can set up sub-facilities within the Universal Package, each with its own unique description and own statement for simple account management and tax purposes.
    • Payment for each sub-facility is managed via a separate monthly debit order.
    • Linked current accounts for day-to-day financial needs are the Private Banking Account, Practice Management Account and Private Banking Trust.
    • The Universal Package may be held by Individuals, Trusts and Professional Practices (which include entities registered as Close Corporations, Pty (Ltd)’s, Incorporated Companies, Partnerships and Sole Proprieties).
  • What to bring when you to apply for the Universal Package

    • Proof of income
      • Full time employed - Payslip or other proof of income.
      • Self-employed - latest business financial statements and confirmation from Auditors of personal income from the business.
    • Proof of residence

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