Secure the future of your loved ones with trusts from Absa. From testamentary to inter vivos trusts, we offer a number of services to help you both create and protect your wealth.

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  • When do I need a trust?

    • When you have substantial assets and you want your estate to be distributed in a very specific way
    • If you want to transfer and grow assets in a living trust instead of in your own estate to minimise estate duty and other costs
    • If you want to ensure continuity of financial support and protection from generation to generation
    • If you want to benefit a particular cause, such as a charity or a dependent family member during and after your lifetime
  • Types of trust services

    We specialise in various trust services to accommodate your specific needs:

    • Testamentary trust
    • Living/Inter vivos trust
    • Beneficiary fund/employee benefit trust
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