Benefits & Conditions

Gold credit card
Student Credit Card

3 complimentary visits per credit card account per year

Local/International Lounges

Preferential Rate thereafter

premium Banking card
Gold Credit Card

Unlimited access at preferential rates

Local/International Lounges





private banking card
Premium Credit Card

12 complimentary visits* available to the Premium Banking Credit Card holder (shared allocation across primary and secondary cards)

Local/International Lounges

Preferential Rate thereafter

premium Banking card
British Airways

8 complimentary visits annually
available to British Airways Credit Card holders
(shared allocation across the primary and secondary cards)

4 Local Lounge visits
4 International Lounges visits

Preferential Rate thereafter

*As a Premium Banking Credit Cardholder, you must spend (on Point-of-Sale transactions) R5 000 (subject to change) on your credit card in the month in which the Bidvest airport lounge is used or spend a total of R15 000 (subject to change) over 3 consecutive months before and during the month of the lounge visit. If a Premium Banking Credit Cardholder spends less than R5 000 in one month or less than a total of R15 000 over 3 consecutive months or if they use up all their complimentary visits, they qualify for access but at the Absa preferential rate.

  • Benefit Detail

    • Complimentary visits are allocated per calendar year and any unused visits will not be carried forward.
    • Complimentary visits are only available to the Credit Card holder or secondary card holder/s (as specified) and cannot be transferred to guests or children.
    • Guests and children will benefit from a discounted rate which will immediately be charged to the Credit Card when entering the lounge.
    • There will be no monthly usage limit (complimentary visits are allocated per annum).
    • There will be no split or limit between local and international lounge visits, which means that you could use all qualifying visits for either local or international lounges as you need.
    • Any visits that do not meet the complimentary visit criteria will be billed to the cardholder’s account at the Absa preferential rate.
    • Please be sure to keep track of your visits and qualifying spend. This information can be obtained by contacting the number on the back of your card.
    • You are entitled to a stay of 2 hours for domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights (prior to your scheduled flight departure time). Extended time will be charged at Bidvest rates.
    • The airport lounges will be open 7 days a week. This may change without prior notice. Please visit the website for updates on lounge operating hours and availability
    • Bidvest Premier Airport Lounges will ensure that there is an adequate supply of refreshments, newspapers, periodicals, food and beverages.
  • Qualifying criteria

    • You need the relevant Absa Visa Credit Card as per the specified benefit.
    • The name of the cardholder must be the same as the name on the boarding pass.
    • Your Visa Credit Card must be in good standing.
    • This offer is only available to primary and/or secondary credit cardholders as specified.
    • The cardholder will be billed for any visits that fall outside of the benefit offer.
  • How it works

    • The cardholder must present his/her Absa Visa credit card (the actual physical card, not the virtual card) and boarding pass to gain access to the lounge.
    • The name of the cardholder must be the same as the name on the boarding pass.
    • When the Credit Cardholder enters the lounge, there will be no immediate fee charged for the cardholder’s visit. The Credit Card will be swiped for record-keeping (other than for guests and children).
    • An assessment will be done at the end of the calendar month to determine whether the cardholder exceeded the benefit offer.
  • What it costs

    Rates & Fees

    Valid from 1 February 2023 to 30 June 2023.

    Public walk-in rate: Domestic Lounge – R283
    Public walk-in rate: International Lounge – R475
    Public walk-in rate: Cape Town International Lounge – R569

    Absa preferential rates

    The following are preferential rates at which customers will be billed for all access that falls outside of their annual benefit allocation.

      Absa Card rate (customer to pay)
    Cardholder (Student & Premium Banking*) R214 R405  
    Primary & Secondary Cardholder (British Airways) R214 R405 R512
    Cardholder (Gold) R257 R429  
    Guest/Child (All Cards) R257 R429  

    *Spend < R5,000 a month or <R15,000 over the last three statement months OR complimentary visit allocation has been used

    Domestic: valid for two (2) hours prior to your Scheduled Flight Departure Time | International: valid for four (4) hours prior to your Scheduled Flight Departure Time 
    Early check-in rates (domestic and international): R35 per 15 (fifteen) minutes. Cape Town International: R40 per 15 (fifteen) minutes

    Terms and Conditions apply


  • List of airports where Bidvest airport lounges are located

    Bidvest Domestic Lounges
    OR Tambo Domestic
    OR Tambo Domestic - Sky Lounge
    Cape Town
    King Phalo (East London)
    King Shaka (Durban)
    Chief Dawid Stuurman International (Port Elizabeth)
    Kruger Mpumalanga International

    Bidvest International Departure Lounges
    OR Tambo International
    Cape Town International – Sky Lounge
    Cape Town International*
    Kruger Mpumalanga International

    *Access limited to Absa Private Bank and British Airways customers only

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