27 January 2021  

We confirm that we have received the required regulatory approval from the Prudential Authority in terms of Section 50 of the Insurance Act, 18 of 2017. The transfer has occurred in respect of policies sold by Instant Life, and which were previously underwritten by Guardrisk Life.

As a result of the transfer, Absa Life has taken over all obligations of Guardrisk Life in relation to the affected policies. The policies will continue to be administered by Instant Life and the benefits, premiums and other terms and conditions will remain the same.

A Frequently Asked Questions document has also been attached to this publication to help clarify the impact on and required action by affected policyholders.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the transfer, please don’t hesitate to contact Instant Life on clientservices@absainstantlife.co.za or 087 806 1413.

Yours sincerely

Mugove Nyimo

Managing Director:
Instant Life 

Eugene Strauss

Managing Executive:
Absa Life

Francois Schaap

Managing Executive:
Guardrisk Life