Are you getting stuck or receiving error messages when using Absa Online Banking, the Banking App or Cellphone Banking? Our online banking troubleshooting guides can help you get back online quickly.

Absa Banking App

  • I cannot register

    Your device has been jailbroken or rooted  


    Jailbreaking or rooting are terms used to describe replacing your device’s operating system (Android or iOS) with a different operating system. This can leave your device vulnerable to hacking, malware or a virus.


    For this reason, your Absa Banking App will not work on a jailbroken or rooted device.


    To restore your device to the original factory settings, please contact your Network Service Provider or the device manufacturer.


    Unsupported device


    This message will display if your device’s operating system is outdated. Your Absa Banking App only works with:


    • Android V5.5 or higher
    • iOS Version 11 or higher


    To fix this problem simply update your operating system. This will also enhance your device’s security and stability. To do this go into your device’s settings and select Update software.


    The "Unsupported device" message will also pop up on devices that may have reached their end of life. This means that the operating system can no longer be updated.

    Your Absa Banking App will not work on such devices as they are no longer supported by the software vendor and poses a security risk.

  • My Absa Banking App has stopped working

    First try updating your Absa Banking App through your app store.


    If this does not work try to free up some storage space on your device:


    • Delete any unwanted apps or files
    • Clear your Absa Banking App cache:
    1. Go to settings
    2. Select Apps, then tap on the Absa Banking App
    3. Select storage, then  tap on Clear cache - do not select Clear data as this will delete all app information and you will need to relink your app
    4. Restart your app
  • I am not receiving my verification messages

    Make sure the device you are using is your primary device:

    1. Logon to your Absa Banking App
    2. Tap Menu
    3. Scroll down and tap Devices
    4. Select your device and view details
    5. Tap Make this my verification device if required


    Make sure push notifications are enabled:

    1.      Logon to your Absa Banking App
    2.     Tap Menu
    3.      Scroll down and tap App Settings
    4.      Tap Switch to enable push notifications


    Your Absa Banking App security settings might not recognize open or unsecured WiFi networks:


    1. Switch off WiFi on your device
    2. Enable mobile data to establish a connection (note: your data will not be used)


    Still not getting your verification messages?

    1. Turn off both WiFi and mobile data settings
    2. Switch on flight mode
    3. Restart your device
    4. Once device is restarted, turn on mobile data to refresh the connection

    If none of the above works:


    1. Login to Absa Online Banking and re-do your transaction from there
    2. Let the verification request expire three times
    3. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to generate a verification number on your Absa Banking App and complete your transaction

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