Park excess funds or build an investment balance while earning interest at a competitive rate, with immediate access to your funds. 

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Tiered interest rate
Tiered interest rate

The higher your balance, the higher your interest rate.

Instant access
Instant access

Withdraw money whenever you need to.

Inter-account transfers
Inter-account transfers

Link your Liquidity Plus account to your current account.

No charges
No charges

No commission fee charged when you open this account.

  • Benefits

    • Tiered interest rates 
    • Immediate access to funds
    • Make additional deposits at any time
    • Link your account to any or all your Absa accounts
    • Make inter-account transfers
    • Unlimited inter-account transfers 
  • Qualifying criteria

    • No minimum transactional amount required
See our interest rates
  <R1 000.00 <R15 000   
>R15 000   >R75 000   >R1 000 000 >R10 000 000 >R25 000 000 >R50 000 000 >R 100 000 000  
Liquidity  Plus 0.00% 6.25% 7.55% 7.70% 7.70% 7.80% 7.85% 8.00% 8.15%

Last reviewed on 26 May 2023

All interest rates are expressed as a percentage per annum and are indicative rates subject to change. View our product term sheet.

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