Your employees are your biggest investment, particularly if you are a small and medium enterprise (SME). Our Employee Care Plan affords you the opportunity to take care of your employees’ future and that of their loved ones. The group life insurance also covers your employees if they are permanently disabled while performing their duties in the workplace, or when they pass away.

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What our Employee Care Plan covers

Our Employee Care Plan includes any combination of the following to suit the needs of your employees and your budget:

Life cover

The amount of cover you select (between R50k and R2 million) will be paid as a lump sum to your employees’ beneficiaries if they die.

Assets are kept at fixed value
Occupational Disability cover

The amount of cover you select (up to a maximum of R2 million for Group Cover) is paid if the insured person is permanently occupationally disabled.

A Trust doesn’t die
Funeral cover

The amount of cover you select (between R5 000 and R50 000) will be paid if your employee or any of their family members covered under the policy die. 

Save on Estate Duty
Terminal illness

If an employee is diagnosed with a terminal illness and is expected to die within 12 months, they can choose to take 100% of the lump sum paid in advance to them or their beneficiaries. Offered as a compulsory rider to the life cover benefit.

Assets are kept at fixed value
Premium waiver

When an employee passes away their spouse and dependents continue to receive funeral cover for a further six months at no cost. Offered as a compulsory rider to the funeral cover benefit.

A Trust doesn’t die
Grocery benefit

The primary beneficiary receives an additional R500 cash towards buying groceries every month, for six months after the employee’s death. Offered as a compulsory rider to the life cover benefit.

All your qualifying employees are covered

Our Employee Care Plan is a compulsory scheme and all employees of the policyholder (employer) need to be part of the scheme. Each insured employee will have the level of cover offered by the scheme (cannot choose their own level of cover).

The Employee Care Plan covers all your employees who are:

  • 18 to 65 years old (current age)
  • “Actively at work” within the borders of South Africa
  • Working at least 20 hours a week
  • Foreigners as long as they remain legally able to live and work in South Africa

What you need to know

  • Paying your premiums

    • Payment for your policy is monthly in arrears
    •  Missed payments have a grace period of 60 days. During this time, the policyholder can make payment of missed premiums without a lapse in coverage
    • Your policy lapses after three unsuccessful premium collection attempts. Any claims after lapse are not paid

    Please note the cover commences on the date that the policy is issued.

  • Waiting period

    • A six-month waiting period is applicable when an employee is disabled due natural causes only
    • There is no waiting period on death, funeral and accidental disability benefits
  • Deferred period

    • A six-month deferred period is applicable to the disability benefit. This is to allow for a full assessment of the disability and its impact on the covered employee
  • Cover limits

    Maximum cover per benefit


    Death and Disability



    R50 000

    R10 000


    R2 000 000

    R50 000

    Cover limit of Funeral benefits

    Main member or spouse

    100% of cover

    Child aged 14-21

    100% of cover

    Child aged 6-14

    50% of cover  

    Child aged 0-6

    50% of cover (maximum R10 000)

Managing your policy

If you are an employer, you may need to add new employees or remove existing employees from your current Employee Care Plan policy. Login below.

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If you are an employee, you may need to complete your onboarding process or update your beneficiaries on your current Employee Care Plan policy. Login below.

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Cover termination age



Occupational Disability Benefit: 65 years.

Children (under Family Funeral plans): 21 years.



Policy inception date




The cover begins on the date the policy is issued, even if the first premium has not been paid.


Policy term



One-year, can be renewed annually.

Three-month notice will be given to policyholders when the scheme is due for renewal.



Cooling off period



Cooling off period is 31 days.

During this time the policyholder can cancel their policy with a refund of any premium that has been paid.



Can I reinstate my policy?




After the policy has lapsed, the policyholder has one month to reinstate cover by paying outstanding premiums. The policy can be reinstated a maximum of five times during the life of the policy.

If policyholder does not use this option, they will need to take out a new policy, potentially at a different premium. Medical questions will also be asked, and a new waiting period will apply.






Employee can have up to four beneficiaries.

If a beneficiary has not been chosen, the payout goes into the estate. If the beneficiary is a minor (younger than 18), the payout goes to their guardian.






Not applicable.





Cancellation can be instituted anytime during the term of policy.

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