We have the expertise to assist you come up with an estate plan that suits your unique situation.

Competitive rates
Fair distribution of assets

An estate plan could be particularly useful if you wish to leave your business and other assets of equivalent value to your loved ones.

Safe and secure
Reduce taxes

You can structure types and ownership of personal assets in such a way that the effect of Estate Duty and other taxes on the estate is minimised.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

An estate plan will name your business successor and outline what happens to your interests in the business when you pass on.

How to get it and what you can expect

What you need to know

A comprehensive estate plan must address the following:

  • Protection and management of beneficiaries’ inheritances to ensure that assets are not  squandered or misappropriated
  • Fair distribution of assets. This could be extremely important if you have your own  business. You might, for example, wish to leave the business to those children who show a business aptitude and other assets of equivalent value to those who don’t
  • The types and ownership of personal assets can be structured in such a way that the  effect of Estate Duty and other taxes on the estate and, by extension, on the inheritances  of family members, is minimized
  • Succession planning to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly
  • Adequate liquidity in the estate to meet commitments during the winding-up period
  • Establishment of living trust structures to protect assets and address Estate Duty
How does it work
  • Draft a will
  • Decide how your estate will be distributed
  • Nominate a guardian to take care of any minor children
  • Decide who (executor) will wind up the affairs of your estate
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