We can assist you with omnibus travel facilities of up to R20 million per year to allocate to your nominated staff members who make regular trips overseas.

Foreign bank notes

We can supply you with most of the world’s major currencies and we can order currency for you, should we not have the currency at our counters.

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Cash passport

Our Cash Passport is a card preloaded with foreign currency and is a safe, easy and convenient way to take your spending money overseas. It can be preloaded with all or any one of the following currencies on a single card: the Pound Sterling, the Euro, the Australian Dollar and the US Dollar.

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Here’s how it works

  • We may approve applications for Omnibus Travel facilities up to R20 million per calendar year
  • Your application for an omnibus travel facility must be accompanied by an official letter from your company authorising the proposed business visits
  • We keep a schedule of the visits undertaken, the amount of foreign currency allocated and resold
  • For inspection purposes all documentation must be retained for five years
  • The omnibus facility may not be deposited in foreign bank accounts
  • Travel allowance can be provided in the form of Foreign bank notes or Cash passport
  • Applications for omnibus travel facilities over R20 million must be submitted to the Financial Surveillance Department for consideration

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