An overdraft is a working capital facility on your cheque account that is made available to you as a short-term debt financing measure, and can be used to manage your cash flow, projects and seasonality.

Benefits of an Overdraft Facility


No fuss

Quick and easy online application process.


Available 24/7

Access funds when and how you need it.


Cost Saving

Only pay interest on the outstanding balance.


Manage Your Limit

Choose the working capital amount that will suit your business

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Applying is easy

  • Key Features

    1. The money is available in the customer’s cheque account should the business need it.
    2. Reviewable annually
    3. Pricing is risk based and bespoke
    4. Interest is charged on a daily balance, monthly in arrears.
    5. Interest is charged only on the amount used.
    6. An overdraft facility must fluctuate and is repayable on demand
    7. A monthly ledger fee, Unutilized Facility Fee and Review Fee or Initiation Fee are payable
  • Qualifying criteria

    1. Personal suretyship of the principal.
    2. Hold an active business current account with us.
  • What do you need

    1. South African ID document
    2. Proof of address
    3. Financial Statements
    4. 3 months bank statements                                                                     Optional
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