Apart from leaving you stranded, a mechanical or electrical breakdown of your vehicle could also have dire financial consequences. Get mechanical warranty cover to protect yourself against such mishaps.

Save on costs
Save on costs

We cover the costs of mechanical or electrical breakdown of your vehicle.

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Your car will be protected against certain mechanical malfunctions not covered by a Service or Maintenance Plan.

Warranty is transferable
Warranty is transferable

Your vehicle mechanical breakdown insurance is transferable to a new owner if and when you decide to sell your vehicle.

How to get it & what you can expect

  • It is an underwritten short-term insurance product. It provides cover to the customer for a period of one or two years. Absa Vehicle and Asset Finance (AVAF) will include Mechanical Breakdown Warranty in the vehicle finance agreement.
  • The Mechanical Breakdown Warranty will cover mechanical breakdown of the vehicle against the payment of a single premium which will be included in the capital of a vehicle finance agreement.
  • Monthly premium products are available upon renewal of the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty.
  • Should a vehicle with a valid Mechanical Breakdown Warranty be sold, the warranty is transferable to the new owner.
  • A wide range of components are covered.
  • Customers save on banking costs as the premiums for this plan are included in the vehicle instalment.
  • Fixed monthly premiums during the term of finance as opposed to paying the bulk premium upfront.
  • Should repairs be delayed for more than 14 days (including public holidays) from the date of authorisation, due to the non-availability of parts, a customer will be reimbursed for that portion of the monthly instalment for which the vehicle is out of commission, limited to the amount reflected in the limits of benefit table.
Our warranty options

Extended Warranty insurance

  • Covers new or used vehicles
  • Covers Light duty vehicles not exceeding  3500 kg
  • Cover period: 1 or 2 years

Pre-owned Warranty insurance

  • For you when your vehicle’s manufacturer warranty has expired
  • Covers against mechanical or electrical breakdown of your vehicle
  • Provides cover immediately after inception
  • Covers used vehicles
  • Covers Light duty vehicles not exceeding 3500kg
  • Cover period: 1 or 2 years
Qualifying criteria
  • The vehicle must be the subject of a finance agreement.
  • The age and mileage covered by your vehicle at the time of your policy becomes effective will determine the category under which your vehicle is covered
  • Your vehicle must be  passenger, 4x4 or light commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle mass of less than 3 500 kilograms
  • Your vehicle must have a full service history in place as per manufacturer’s specifications
  • Your vehicle must be in good mechanical condition and have a valid roadworthy certificate
  • The following vehicles are not covered:

           o   Taxis

           o   Rental vehicles

           o   Exotic  vehicles

           o   Rebuilds (Code 3)

           o   Modified vehicles

           o   A vehicle that is or has been used in any form of motoring competition or sport

How to apply
  • Visit any of our Absa branches
  • Apply at any Absa approved vehicle dealership when you enter into a moveable asset finance agreement
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