We can assist you set up a secure payment acceptance host system by integrating your point-of-sale or back office software with our front-end systems, eliminating the risk of errors and fraud.

magnifying glass
Ease of reconciliation

Check for any irregularities in transactions processed through your point-of-sale devices.

Easy to use

Your cashiers can capture all transactions made simultaneously, reducing errors.

hand with coins
Increased control

Your point-of-sale environment is in the palm of your hand. 

stop watch
It’s fast

Transactions are processed faster and more accurately than ever, improving cashflow.

  • Features

    • Ability to integrate to all major Card Present Payment service providers
    • Well established card payment platform supporting all major retailers in South Africa
    • System allows merchants to customise a payment acceptance solution built around their business needs
    • All solutions are certified by Card schemes ensuring minimal risk to merchants
    • Supports a range of data security protocols allowing merchants to choose from a variety of tools to gain PCIDSS compliance
  • How it works

    • You need to ensure that your point-of-sale software is compatible and can interface with the payment service providers used
    • All integrated solutions must be certified by the card associations to ensure they meet the standard for card processing
  • Qualifying criteria

    • You must be an individual or legal entity with a South African bank account
    • You must be a resident of and/or your business must be based in South Africa
    • You must have a clear credit record and have no judgments against your name

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