Use our electronic funds transfer (EFT) debit order facility to collect funds from accounts of your customers, either within a single bank or across multiple banks.

Improve collections

All transactions are processed in the evening before the agreed payment date. 

Greater payment certainty

Payments are validated online resulting in either immediate rejection or automated returns.

Easy reconciliation

Determine which debit orders went through or didn't and resolve any issues quickly.

Cash in hand
Reduce cash handling risk 

All funds are collected electronically, with no risk of handling cash on premises.

  • How to apply

    Complete the following documents:

    • A general registration form (Form 4161)
    • Service registration form (Form 4058)
    • Billing form (Form 3732)

    All forms are available at Absa branches.

  • How it works

    • Obtain written or electronic or voice recorded debit order mandates from your customers
    • Your adviser will assist you with the required file formats
    • All transactions are processed in the evening of the agreed payment date, providing your customers ample time to ensure funds are available in their accounts
    • Multiple collections are reflected as a single entry on your bank statement thereby minimising bank charges
    • The EFT debit order service is available from Monday to Saturday
    • We offer EFT debit orders via our online channel as well host to host

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