Contactless payment is a new way for your customers to easily pay for transport and retail purchases of R200 or less. Make sure your point-of-sale terminal is contactless enabled so that your customers can simply tap their contactless-enabled cards against the device and their transactions will be processed in seconds.

It’s easy to use

Your cashier will find accepting contactless payments very easy. A customer only needs to tap their contactless enabled card on a contactless reader and their transaction is processed immediately.  

Serve your customers faster

Absa’s tap-and-go technology can help you serve your customers faster, adding to your bottom line.

Provides convenience to your customers

Customers who are in a hurry can pay for small items using their contactless enabled cards and they don’t need to carry cash around.

Your cash handling costs are reduced

Besides serving your customers in a safer environment with reduced cash on site, using contactless payments reduces your cash handling costs.

  • A contactless payment card is any pocket-sized card with an internal antenna, which communicates with a terminal via radio wave.
  • There’s no need to dip the card into a point-of-sale device and no PIN or signature is required.
  • The contactless feature is available as a stand-alone card or as a feature on certain debit and credit cards.
  • To find out if a customer’s card is contactless enabled, look for this symbol on the card:  
How to process a contactless payment
  • Your cashier should make sure a customer’s card is contactless enabled and should bear this symbol
  • Customer should tap or hold their contactless enabled card over the contactless card reader
  • The reader will confirm payment and the customer will be issued a receipt
How to get a contactless card reader

To apply for a contactless card reader please contact Absa Merchant Services on 0860 111 222.

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