Our Business Integrator International online platform will assist you in making cross-border payments easily and securely.  It also gives you direct, secure, 24-hour online access to our full suite of international trade, treasury and cross-border cash management products.

transfer funds
Transfer funds instantly

You can transfer your funds instantly across country borders.

make transactions
Make transactions anytime, anywhere

You access our Business Integrator International online portal whenever and wherever you are.

Manage secure certificates

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You have access to international trade finance and cash management solutions through two core modules:

Trade Finance:

  • Cross-border outward transfers in foreign currency and Rand
  • Trade finance products for imports
  • Trade finance products for exports
  • Cross-border guarantees in foreign currency for accounts held at non-Absa institutions  

Cash Management:

  • View Customer Foreign Currency accounts
  • View offshore finance transactions
  • View inbound electronic transfers from abroad
  • View spot and forward exchange transactions
  • Import and display account and balance statements agreed on with you as the customer.
  • During the transport process, cash is typically placed in secure containers and moved by armoured trucks.
  • The containers are moved in and out of banks and other institutions by hand.
  • The containers are equipped with security mechanisms that activate in the event of an attempted robbery.
What you get
  • Data access and exchange happens in real time
  • Available when you are
  • Secure access gives you peace of mind
  • View your transactional history going back 2 years
  • Full audit trails and reporting capabilities
  • You can customise access to the system or segregate duties - choose how many users need to approve specific transactions; whether a user can only view transactions and which accounts they can access for viewing
  • Self-service password resets
  • Transfer your funds instantly across country borders
  • International payments are supported by online foreign exchange rates at the time when you process your payment

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