If you are seeing this instead of your online banking logon page then you need to refresh your browser history or clear its cache. Follow the instructions below to do this.

  • Browser refresh

    1. Clear your cache
    • Chrome: select ‘History’ from the browser menu. Click on ‘Clear browsing data’ and make sure ‘Cached images and files’ is selected in the pop-up before proceeding to ‘Clear browsing data’.
    • Internet Explorer: select ‘History’ from the browser menu. Click on ‘Clear all history’ and make sure ‘Cached data and files’ is selected before proceeding to ‘Clear’.
    • Firefox: Select ‘History’ in the browser menu. Click on ‘Clear Recent History’ and make sure ‘Cache’ is selected under ‘Details’ before proceeding to ‘Clear Now’.
    2. Refresh your browser or close all windows and open a new one.
    3. Try and log on again.
    4. If you still can’t log on please call us below.

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