This year, we attended the AFSIC conference as the Premier Sponsor. This prestigious annual event is focused on providing investment opportunities for global investors by giving them access to a wide range of African companies, funds, entrepreneurs and projects on the most vibrant continent on earth.

Insights from our thought leaders

  • Demand for infrastructure and project finance in Africa grows

    By Theuns Ehlers, Head: Project Finance

    The demand for infrastructure and project finance in Africa is growing on the back of some of the highest economic growth rates on the continent.  The International Monetary Fund expects growth in sub-Saharan Africa to reach 3.5% despite sluggish performance of Africa’s two largest economies, Nigeria and South Africa.

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  • Replicating the Asian success story in Africa

    By Hasnen Varawalla, co-head Banking

    Africa has all the ingredients of replicating the Asian success story with the right policy initiatives

    Africa has the potential to mirror the economic progress made by the Asian tigers more than a decade ago provided governments persist with economic and financial reforms, including investment in infrastructure and education. Regulatory and policy consistency will also be important as will be continued strengthening of institutional capacity, which is necessary for sustained growth.

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  • Financial markets reforms key to promoting Africa growth

    By George Asante, Head of Markets ex SA

    With Africa’s population expected to exceed China’s by 2025, the continent’s economic potential is indisputable. And the rest of the wold has taken notice. Between 2010 and 2016, more than 320 embassies were opened in Africa, and global investment is beginning to pour in. A diligent approach can ensure that these external opportunities are converted; but this is only half the challenge. If Africa truly wants to become an economic powerhouse in the future, it needs to get serious about reforming its financial markets.

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