At Corporate and Investment Banking we value the accolades and awards from the industry and our clients. It motivates us to keep improving in supplying you with the best-in-market solutions, products and services.

Global Trade Review
2016 Best Deals March 2017
The Banker
MTN’s dual-tranche Eurobond May 2017
Republic of South Africa’s bond and switch offer May 2017
Liquid Telecom’s acquisition of Neotel May 2017
Acquisition of Aquarius Platinum by Sibanye Gold May 2017
Bonds: Corporates: Petra Diamonds $300m bond issue May 2016
Loans: Naspers $2.5bn multi-currency revolving credit facility May 2016
Global Capital
Africa Loan Deal of the Year Aspen March 2017
Financial Mail Awards
Financial Mail Top Analyst May 2018
  • 1st in Credit Analysis - Kate Ruston
  • 2nd in Fixed Income Securities - Mike Keenan
  • 3rd in Technical Analysis - Judy Padayachee
  • 4th in Africa ex-SA Non-Equities - Ridle Markus
  • 5th in Domestic Economics - Peter Worthington
  • 5th in Political Analysis - Peter Worthington
Financial Mail Analyst Rankings  

Cross Asset Research:

  • 3rd Risk Management – Roland Rosseau and Seva Gorlach
  • 5th Political Trends and Industrial Relations - JP Davids and Peter Worthington


May 2016

Beyond Research:

  • 2nd (AUM-weighted) in Fixed Interest Securities Execution (3rd unweighted)
  • 4th in Administration Efficiency
  • 5th in Derivatives Execution
  • 7th in Sales Teams


May 2018

FICC Research:

  • 1st Credit Research - Kate Rushton
  • 4th Fixed Income - Mike Keena
  • 5th SSA - Ridle Markus
  • 6th Domestic macro - Peter Worthington and Miyelani Maluleke
  • 6th Political trends - Peter Worthington
  • 2nd Credit – Kate Rushton
  • 2nd Technical Research - Judy Padayachee
  • 4th Fixed Interest Securities – Absa Capital 
  • 5th International Markets & Economies - Michael Gavin (Barclays) and Peter Worthington
May 2017

May 2016

Equity Research:

  • 3rd in General Retailers - Rod Salmon, Thaule Masemola and Samantha Naicke
  • 3rd General Retailers - Rod Salmon and Thaule Masemola 
  • 6th Household Goods Retailers - Rod Salmon and Thaule Masemola
  • 6th Household Goods Retailers - Rod Salmon and Thaule Masemola
  • 6th Beverages - Simon Hales (Barclays)
March 2018

May 2017

May 2016
Firm Rankings:
  • 1st Fixed Income Securities Dealing
  • 2nd Derivatives Dealing
  • 6th Equities Sales
  • 7th Administration
  • 1st Fixed Interest Securities Dealing
  • 4th Equity Derivatives Dealing
  • 7th Equity Sales
  • 7th Administration (Operations and Product Control)
  • 8th Corporate Access
  • 9th Equity Dealing
March 2017

May 2016
African Utility Week
Deal of the Year Kathu Solar Park  May 2017
Project Finance Awards 
Best energy infrastructure deal:  Nacala railway and port corridor project in Mozambique May 2018
Best natural resources deal:
Kalagadi Manganese's integrated mining project in South Africa
May 2018
Best oil and gas deal: Project Santolina 2 stage mega-brownfield development in Nigeria May 2017
Best natural resources deal: Maamba Collieries’ coal mine in Zambia May 2016
Best renewables deal: Karoshoek Solar One’s Ilanga 1 project in South Africa May 2016
Best oil and gas deal: NNPC Chevron joint venture financing in Nigeria May 2016
Achievement Awards 
Best IPO in Africa: Vodacom Tanzania March 2018 
Best M&A House in Africa March 2018 
Best cross border M&A deal: Life Healthcare buys Allicance Medical March 2018
The Banker
Best Follow-on Funding in EMEA
May 2017
Best solar deal 2016 Kathu Solar Park
May 2017
Best Securitisation House in Africa
March 2017
Best Syndicate Loan
March 2017
Best Investment Bank South Africa September 2017
Best Investment Bank, East Africa   September 2017
Best Foreign Investment Bank Africa September 2017
Banker Africa
Best Investment Bank, Tanzania May 2018
Best Foreign Investment Bank Africa September 2017
Best Investment Bank Tanzania September 2017
Best Investment Bank South Africa  Septmber 2017
Best Investment Bank, Southern Africa March 2017
Best Unvestment Bank, East Africa  March 2017 
JSE Spire Awards
Overall Best Bond House and Best Research House
October 2017
Best REPO Team
October 2017
Best Credit Bonds Team
October 2017
Best Structured Sales Team
October 2017
Best Research Economics Team October 2017
#1Overall Best Fixed Income & Currencies House in SA October 2016
#1 Best Bond House October 2016
#1 Best Team – Credit Bonds October 2016
#1 Best Research Team – Credit October 2016
#1 Best Research Team : Fixed Income October 2016
#1 Best Research Team: Economics October 2016
#1 Best Research Team : Forex October 2016
#1 Best Repo Team October 2016
#2 Best Market Making Team - Government Bonds October 2016
#2 Best Sales Team - Bonds October 2016
#2 Best Team - Inflation Linked Bonds October 2016
#2 Best Debt Origination Team October 2016
#2 Best Sales Team: Forex & Forex Derivatives  October 2016
#2 Best Structuring Team: Inflation\Credit\Forex  October 2016
#2Best Research Team Technical Analysis (Forex and Fixed Income)  October 2016
#2 Best Research Team: Quantitative Research  October 2016
#2 Best Research Team : Africa  October 2016
#3 Best Market Making Team: Forex & Forex Derivatives  October 2016
#3 Best Sales Team: Interest Rate Derivatives  October 2016
#3 Best Market Making Team: Interest Rate Derivatives October 2016

Africa Structured Products & Alternatives Awards Manufacturer Awards

  • Best House, Multi-Asset
November 2017

Service Provider Awards

  • Best Proprietary Index Provider (shared with Commerzbank)
November 2017

Markets Awards 

  • Best ETF House
  • Best House, Africa
  • Best House Equities
  • Best House Commodities
  • Best House Interest
  • Best House Hybrids
  • Best Distributor; Yield Enhancement Products, Africa
  • Best Proprietary Index Provider
  • Best ETF House
  • Personality of the year; Ryan Sydow


November 2017

November 2016

Other Awards

  • Best Educational Initiative
November 2017
SALTA Awards 2018
Best Non-equity ETF for both one and three years
Best SA Equity ETF
Best Tracking Efficiency over three years
PFI Awards
Wind Deal of the year  - Mainstream January 2016
Solar Deal of the year – Ilanga 1 January 2016
Africa Deal of the year – Maamba Collieries January 2016
Oil Deal of the year – NNPC/Chevron January 2016

Think Business

Barclays Bank of Kenya –  Best Bank in Corporate Banking 2016 April 2016

Legal Week  

2nd Senior Corporate Counsel of the Year  September 2016
2nd Diversity Initiative of the Year September 2016

The New Generation Social & Media  

Best Revenue Generating Marketing Campaign/Event for ChatBanking October 2016
Best Corporate Website for October 2016
Most Innovative Application for ChatBanking  October 2016 

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