From payments to prepaid top-ups, ChatBanking is a world-first that lets you make instant transactions by using Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Use Facebook Messenger or Twitter to:

Get your bank balance
Buy Electricity
Buy electricity
Purchase airtime and data
Pay Beneficiaries
Pay beneficiaries

How to get started

Step 1

Logon to online banking, click on Settings from the Express tab and add your profile

Step 2

Logon to Twitter and follow @AbsaChatBanking or Logon to Facebook and send a private message to AbsaChatBanking

Step 3

Send a private message (DM) to @AbsaChatBanking on Twitter or AbsaChatBanking on Facebook and simply say "hi"


  • What is ChatBanking?

    ChatBanking is an easy to use secure service which allows you, the customer, to complete transactions using Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

  • What Social Media Platforms is ChatBanking available on?

    At the moment you can access ChatBanking via Twitter or Facebook Messenger, with more social media platforms to follow shortly.

  • How do I register for Absa ChatBanking?

    To add your ChatBanking profile follow these easy steps:

    • Go to ‘Settings’
    • Click on ‘Manage ChatBanking’
    • Click on ‘Add Profile’ and follow the prompts


    • To complete your ChatBanking for Twitter registration, logon to Twitter once you have added your profile and follow @AbsaChatBanking. 
    • You will receive a welcome Direct Message (DM) from @AbsaChatBanking to welcome you to the service.

    Facebook Messenger: 

    • Once you click on ‘Add profile’ and select ‘Facebook’ from the drop down, you will need to click ‘Continue’ to get the various options available to complete your registration. 
    • Choose the option that is easiest for you to complete your profile verification.
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