Following the recent unrest we have lower Saswitch fees. You can now use any ATM belonging to other banks and be charged the same fee as when you use an Absa ATM from 1 August 2021.

Frequently asked questions

  • For how long would the subsidised (lower) Saswitch fees be available?

    • The Saswitch lower fees will only be available from 1 August 2021 to 30 September 2021.
    • From the 1st October 2021 fees will return to normal and it will cheaper to transact at an Absa Atm.
  • What does 'lower Saswitch fees' mean?

    • Banks generally charge a different fee when their customers withdraw money from another bank’s ATM.
    • In the case of Absa, our fee for Saswitch ATM cash withdrawals is R12.00 + R2.20 for every R100.
    • This fee will reduce to R2.20 for every R100 withdrawn which means Absa will not charge (subsidise) the R12.00 fee per transaction applicable to Saswitch ATM withdrawals.

    Below is a list that shows which fees will change:

    Cash withdrawal Current fees
    1 March 2021
    Lower fees
    1 August 2021 - 30 September 2021
    From an Absa ATM
    • Youth and Student:  Free
    • Absa Transact: R8.00/R1 000
    • Pay-as-you-Transact: R2.20/R100    
    • Youth and Student: Free
    • Absa Transact: R8.00/R1 000
    • Pay-as-you-Transact: R2.20/R100
    From an Absa Supported ATM 
    •  Youth: R8.00/R1000
    • Student: R6.00 + R2.20/R100
    • Absa Transact: R8.00/R1 000
    • Pay-as-you-transact: R6.00 + R2.20/R100
    • Youth: Free
    • Student: R2.20/R100
    • Absa Transact: R8.00/R1 000
    • Pay-as-you-transact: R2.20/R100
    • (R6.00 per transaction now lower fees) 
    From Another bank’s ATM
    (Saswitch ATM withdrawal) 
    • All customers: R12.00 + R2.20/R100    
    • Absa Transact: R8.00/R1 000
    • Youth: Free
    • All other customers: R2.20/R100
      (R12.00 per transaction now lower fees)
  • Where can I get more information about the fees applicable to my account?

    • You can view the fees applicable to your account on our Rates and Fees section.
    • Please note that we have not adjusted our brochures to show the reduced Saswitch ATM cash withdrawal fees.
    • The fees charged to your account will however be levied at the reduced fee.
  • Why are you lowering fees for Saswitch ATM cash withdrawals?

    We will be lowering Saswitch fees as part of an industry initiative to make cash withdrawals more accessible to all South African citizens. These reductions are especially important for customers who live in areas where the recent unrests interrupted customers’ access to cash.

  • What other choices do I have as a customer to gain access to my cash?

    • It’s now more important than ever to register to use our Banking App or Online Banking. This way you have uninterrupted access to your funds 24/7.
    • Use your debit card for purchases and till-point withdrawals as a safe and convenient way to pay for your day-to-day transactions. 

Branches and ATMs

We have shut down over 200 ATMs and 21 branches in areas affected by the unrest. We are working as hard as we can to restore financial services in these areas, especially for those who rely on our cash services.

Branches and ATMs that are unavailable.

Remember our Digital Banking services Absa Online Banking and our Absa Banking App are still secure ways to do your banking and are available 24/7.

Fraud awareness

Recent events have also led to an upsurge in fraud. We urge all our customers to maintain their banking security by:

  • Registering for our transaction notification service to always be aware of any activity on your accounts
  • Never share your card’s PIN, CVV number, Digital Banking password or any One-Time-Passwords (OTP) with anyone. We will never ask you for any of this information over the phone
  • Using our banking app will get you our FREE Digital Fraud Warranty