Absa Private Banking Wealth Management is your partner of choice to provide holistic, best-of-breed products and investment solutions to help you create and preserve your wealth. 

Private Banking Wealth Creation is not offered as an isolated service but as a comprehensive financial plan. We’ll help you grow your wealth at every stage of your life and for the benefit of whole family.

Exchange Traded Funds

Enjoy easy access to a wide range of Exchange Traded Funds (EFTs)

Investment Management

Our qualified advisors will take you through the best investment opportunities available in the market.

Retirement Planning

A tailored financial plan which is regularly reviewed to ensure you reach your goals.

Our Private Banking Wealth Protection will keep your wealth and assets safe regardless of current turbulent economic market conditions. 

Absa Life

We provide a full range of highly competitive life insurance products and services.

Private Insure

We offer you comprehensive short-term insurance tailored for your needs.

Echelon Private client solutions

Echelon Private Solutions offers personal asset risk insurance for personal and business needs.

To help you plan for your future and ensure the smooth transition of your estate to your loved ones, Absa Private Banking Trust provides a number of core products and services.

Estate planning

Our estate planning specialists will help construct and implement plans to minimise estate duty administration and income tax.


Get support for Will planning and estate administration.

Trust and related services

Absa Trust offers you a comprehensive range of trustee functions including offshore, employee, third-party trusts and more.

We offer you simple, secure and modern methods to tract specific market index like the JSE All Share and other related offerings.

Trusted investment vehicle

A trusted feature for almost 20 years.

Minimise risk

Get exposure to a broad range of assets across development and emerging markets.

Lower costs

A low fee structure with the objective to match the performance of an index.


ETFs made easy to buy and sell.

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