The Universal Package gives you access to a flexible line of credit that is easy to customize and linked to a Private Banking transactional account.

You only apply once for a line of credit and you can then access the funds at the agreed rate as and when you need.

Customised financing solution for individuals and professional practices.

A flexible line of credit to cater for your unique finance needs.

customisable into separate loan accounts

One overall amount customisable into separate loan accounts.


How to get it and what you can expect

  • Earn a minimum gross income of R62 500 per month to qualify for a Private Bank transactional account
  • Structured loan facility will be granted only if a qualifying Private Bank transactional account is held
  • Credit will be granted in terms of the Private Banking credit qualifying criteria.
Target market


  • Individuals who are Private Banking clients or who earn the required annual gross income of R750 000 in their personal capacity.

Qualified professionals

  • At least one of the partners, members, shareholders or the sole proprietor should be a qualifying Private Banking client.
Transactional accounts

For individuals

The Exceller package is a comprehensive banking package designed to enhance your finances and simplify your life. It’s a transactional account with exceptional lifestyle benefits, comprehensive travel insurance, a Multi-currency Cash Passport™ (so you don’t have to carry cash abroad), 1% cash back on your card purchases, best-in-class offshore investments and a dedicated Private Banker. It also includes access to NotifyMe, Absa Online, as well as telephone and cellphone banking.

For professional practices

For professional practices, the Practice Management Account provides a sophisticated, yet simple, banking facility with which to perform the daily transactions of your practice, freeing you up to focus on your profession.

Structured loans

The structured loan portion of the Universal Package gives you the power of an ongoing line of credit that, once approved, is readily available, eliminating the need to go through the credit application process again in future. Once approved, the funds can be used as you see fit – to purchase a vehicle, secure a property, take advantage of an investment opportunity, grow your business, improve your lifestyle, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience or purchase a gift. It truly provides the freedom to use the money as you choose.

  • Immediate liquidity to acquire assets of any type
  • Single and transparent pricing
  • Life cover and homeowner’s comprehensive insurance as conditions of grant
  • Structure up to 99 separate loan accounts according to your needs
  • Each loan account to suit you or to identify the asset being financed or purchased
  • Monthly statements for each loan account to use for tax purposes
  • The freedom to make advance payments and settle at any time prior to settlement date
  • The revolving nature of the line of credit makes funds available when individual loan accounts reduce or amortise
  • Monthly loan repayments made via debit order and additional repayments made via direct deposit from any source account.

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