As a Private Banking customer, you will enjoy travel benefits which include reduced cash withdrawal rates, loading multiple foreign currencies, exclusive airport lounge access and more.

Four steps to simplify your next journey

Get exclusive travel benefits, save on discounted flights and get more for your spending.

What you get

Seamless and hassle-free trips start here.

Foreign bank notes

We can supply you with most of the world’s major currencies and we can order currency for you.

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Multi-currency Cash Passport

A prepaid travel card that can be preloaded with up to four currencies.

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Foreign ATMs

Withdraw cash for less at selected ATMs.

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Travel tips and reminders
  • You can get comprehensive travel insurance when you book flights with your Visa Exceller or World MasterCard credit card.
  • Make sure that your passport is valid and has enough free space for visa entry and exit stamps.
  • Speak to us about additional fees that can be charged when using your cards overseas (currency conversion charges, cash advance interest and local and international ATM fees).
  • Stay connected so that you are able to receive SMS's and other banking notification.
  • Terms and conditions for Visa Exceller and World MasterCard.
How to get started
  • Call private assist on 0860 553 553.
What you get
  • Exclusive airport lounges access
  • Car rental from Bidvest or Avis 
  • Earn Absa Cash Rewards


How to get started

You can cash in on left over foreign currency that you have not used.

What you get
  • Save and manage your unused currency from your Multicurrency Cash Passport
  • International savings with a Currency Investment account available in 17 currencies
  • No monthly account fees
  • Interest earned on the account is based on the London Interbank Bid Rate (LBID)
  • An option to open and fund the account available online
How to get it
  • Call Private Assist on 0860 553 553.

Need more help?

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Private Assist:

0860 553 553

International Private Assist:

+27 11 501 5011

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