Various loan accounts, for different purposes and over different repayment terms, can be created from the approved line of credit.


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Private Banking credit

Credit will be granted in terms of the criteria for Professional Practices, individuals and trusts.

Transactional account

The credit line is linked to a transactional account, which has been tailored to meet your requirements as an individual Professional Practice.


This is only required on the money allocated to each loan account and not on the unutilised balance of the credit line.

What banking solutions are you looking for?

Get an ongoing line of credit 


The structured loan portion of the Universal Package gives you the power of an ongoing line of credit that, once approved, is readily available.

Choose a loan that suits your needs

  • Structured loan

    Once approved, the funds can be used as you see fit – to purchase a vehicle, secure a property, take advantage of an investment opportunity, grow your business, improve your lifestyle, enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience or purchase a gift. It truly provides the freedom to use the money as you choose.

    Revolving nature of line of

    This makes funds available when individual loan accounts reduce or amortise.

    Advanced payments

    You have the freedom to settle your account at any time prior to the settlement date.

    Customise your line of credit

    Structure your loan to suit your exact borrowing needs.

  • Home loan

    Private Banking offers a range of innovative home loan options that are structured according to your individual requirements – all facilitated through your dedicated and professional private banker.

    Negotiated interest rates

    On your home loan if your private banker guides you through the process.


    Allows you to link multiple loan accounts into one credit facility each with individual financial characteristic.

    FlexiReserve option

    Option to deposit and withdraw funds.

  • Vehicle finance

    As a Private Banking client you are eligible to Private Banking vehicle finance. This is our premier vehicle finance solution that streamlines your vehicle purchase process from start to finish. 

    Interest rates

    Negotiated individualised on your vehicle loan if your private banker guides you through the process.

    Expert advice

    Support from a private banker who will handle the financial application for you.

    Value-added benefits

    Expeditious approval and we offer tax information and advice before you make the purchase.


Your answer to success is Practice Management

The Practice Management offering consists of a transactional account through which the affairs of your practice are conducted. In addition to the transactional account, you have access to a line of credit, which can be allocated to an overdraft only or to an overdraft and structured loans.

Option of an overdraft

This is readily available for everyday use, and you have the option of a loan account providing convenient and instant access to available funds.

Money management

Provides a dynamic solution that efficiently manages your finances for you, saving you interest.


You will receive a monthly statement for each structured loan in you private management solution.

How to get it and what to expect

  • Qualifying criteria

    • Professional practices
  • What you get

    • Dedicated private banker
    • Private Assist – 24/7 access to professional query resolution and account administration via a direct telephone and e-mail service
    • Priority services at selected Absa branches
    • Support from and access to a team of financial specialists
    • Offshore banking and investment services
    • Professional on-line stockbroking service
    • Foreign exchange services
    • Onshore and offshore mortgage
  • Credit card benefits

    • Business credit card
    • Preferential interest rates
    • Card delivery and pin
    • 57 days interest free
    • Global acceptance
    • Lost card protection
    • Detailed monthly statements with option of eStatements
    • Chip and pin security
    • Budget facility
    • Automatic monthly payment of outstanding balance

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