We offer a comprehensive range of financial solutions and Shari’ah compliant products for individuals, private practices and young professionals, distinctly designed with your needs in mind.

Private banker

Your dedicated private banker will develop an in-depth understanding of your individual, business and family needs, with the support of experienced specialists.

Customised online platforms

Our customised online services offer the safety and convenience of internet banking. The online banking platform, including the Absa Banking App provides a host of unique functions for a seamless banking experience.

Overdraft facility

With an overdraft facility, you enjoy the convenience of having extra cash available whenever you need it.

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Get cash back 

With Absa Rewards you can earn as much as 1.15% in cash back on card swipes with no monthly fee.

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International banking

We offer you the opportunity to bank offshore, open multicurrency accounts and invest your way.

What banking solution are you looking for?

We offer you more than a bank account, it is a partnership with an exclusive and comprehensive banking package designed to exceed your everyday banking expectations.


Private banking solutions as individual as you are

Here’s what you need to know

  • Private Banking Account

    A convenient and flexible day-to-day banking solution that is far more than a mere bank account. The Private Banking Account is a personal financial management tool designed to maximise your financial opportunities and meet your everyday banking needs with ease. You also have an opportunity to get more cash with an overdraft.


    Extensive airport lounge access

    Before embarking on your next flight, relax at any one of more than 800 airport lounges in South Africa and across the world.

    Take Me Home

    10 free Take Me Home trips per annum.

    Online stockbroking

    The online trading service is quick and efficient and offers discounted fees to reduce your share trading costs.

    Multi-Currency Cash Passport

    You can load up to four currencies onto one easy-to-use card and use it to pay for goods and services while overseas.


    • Earn as much as 1.15% in Cash Rewards on card swipes with no monthly fee.
    • Earn as much as 20% cash back at Sasol.
    • Earn as much as 20% cash back when purchasing from any of our partners.
  • Visa Signature Credit Card

    If you are looking for a credit card solution that allows for freedom and flexibility while ensuring that you have access to support, advice and assistance from a private banker, then the Visa Signature Credit Card is just the card for you.


    Comprehensive travel

    Get comprehensive global travel insurance including medical insurance.

    Exclusive offers 

    Exclusive range of lifestyle and travel benefits all designed specifically for you as Private Banking client.

    Bidvest Premier airport lounge access

    Get unlimited access to local Bidvest airport lounges, where you can relax before embarking on your trip.

  • Islamic Private Banking Account

    Experience a whole new world of private banking privileges and advantages. From a range of transactional services designed to exceed your everyday banking expectations, to preferential access and exclusive lifestyle benefits.


    Shari’ah compliance

    This product is afforded to you according to Shari’ah law.

    Cash back 

    With Absa Rewards you can earn as much as 1.15% in cash rewards on card swipes with no monthly fee.

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    Get free access to more than 800 airport lounges worldwide.

  • Private banking lending

    Your dedicated private banker, combined with clear insights into your unique financial requirements and investment objectives, provides an exceptional banking experience.

    Home loans

    With an understanding of your financial requirements and investment objectives, your private banker will guide you through your every need and every step.

    Vehicle finance

    Your private banker acts as a one-stop shop for sourcing your desired vehicle through a range of our partners, securing your preferential vehicle finance interest rate.

    Personal loans

    We offer personal loans with flexible repayment options from 12 to 72 months on loans between R3 000 and R350 000.


Our Practice Management solutions for professionals 


Our Private Banking Practice Management offering is an exclusive money management solution. It is aimed at providing a single financial solution to meet various aspects of your practice’s financial requirements.

A Transactional account

A day-to-day banking account for your practice with the option of an overdraft facility.

A line of credit

Once approved, there will be no need to reapply whenever finance is required.

A business credit card

Access to a business credit card which can be linked to your Practice Management Account.

You’re worthy to be a Private Banking client

Young professionals

Designed for young professionals. The Private Banking for professionals which transcends traditional banking.

Access to a private banker

Dedicated private banker to assist you with all your banking requirements.

Cash back

With Absa Rewards you can earn as much as 1.15% in cash back on card swipes with no monthly fee.

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10 free Take-me-Home trips per annum.


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