A fund that relies on unique, in-house research to choose investment stocks 

This actively managed fund aims to grow your capital over the long term. It has a high risk profile, but the choice of investments and stock is based on tried and tested research methods from the Absa Asset Management Team. The investment term is 5 years and over, and the fund will mainly invest in JSE-listed equities.

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Long-term investment
Long-term investment

The minimum advisable term for investment is 5 years.

Research-based stock picking
Research-based stock picking

It is based on the Absa Asset Management research team’s bottom-up stock picking approach.

Minimum investment amount
Minimum investment amount

An initial investment amount of R2 000 or a minimum monthly contribution of R200 is required.

How to get it and what to expect

Applying for Absa SA Core Equity Fund

Complete the application form, and email it to unittrust@absa.co.za or fax it to (011) 480 5440.

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Features of the Absa SA Core Equity Fund
  • The aim of the fund is to grow your capital investment by investing in JSE-listed equities.
  • The minimum investment amount is R2 000, and the minimum monthly contribution is R200.
  • As this is a long-term investment, the minimum recommended investment term is 5 years.
  • Exposure to shares will exceed 75% of the fund at any point in time.

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