Providing you with a monthly investment income

With either an initial R2 000 deposit or a minimum monthly contribution of R200, this low-risk fund aims to maintain maximum stability for your capital investment – while providing you with a regular stream of income.

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Suitable for risk averse investors
Suitable for risk averse investors

It offers a low-risk profile while hedging against interest rate volatility.

Short-term investment
Short-term investment

The minimum advisable investment term is 6 months.

Provides a current income

Income is generally higher than a traditional money market fund.

How to get it and what to expect

Applying for Absa Income Enhancer Fund

Complete the application form, and email it to

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Features of the Absa Income Enhancer Fund
  • It is a specialised fixed-income fund.
  • It is a low-risk short-term investment with no fixed investment period.
  • The fund generally offers a higher level of income over time than traditional money market funds.
  • No notice period required for withdrawals.
  • It aims to provide you with a reasonable level of current income and maximum stability on the capital you have invested.

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