Medium to long-term investment with a strong focus on capital preservation

This is a diverse fund that aims to give you steady growth of current income and capital. This actively managed fund invests in selected JSE-listed shares, and offers diversification through multiple asset class exposure. The fund also adheres to the Pension Funds Act, and can be used to save for retirement.

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Minimum investment amount

An initial investment amount of R2 000 or a minimum monthly contribution of R200 is required.

Medium to long investment term

The advisable investment term is 3 years and above.

Retirement investment option

The fund is managed according to guidelines in regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act.

How to get it and what to expect

Applying for the Absa Balanced Fund

Complete the application form, and email it to

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Features of the Absa Balanced Fund
  • The minimum investment amount is R2 000, and the minimum monthly contribution is R200.
  • It is ideal for medium to long-term investment plans.
  • The fund aims to protect your capital and grow your current income.
  • Get offshore and local market exposure.
  • Equity exposure ranges from 40-65%.
  • The fund is a suitable retirement investment option.

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