Everything you need to know about our Absa Siyasizana Programme for all your loans.


  • I was on the Payment Relief Plan but now, I am struggling with my payments. What must I do?

    The Absa Siyasizana Programme has a range of financial solutions designed to help you based on your specific circumstances and needs. Please complete our online form so we can understand your current financial position and get you the best solution.

  • Why should I discuss my current financial situation with Absa?

    The Payment Relief Plan we offered in March was an immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis and the nationwide lockdown. This time we want to assist with your ongoing financial obligations by providing tailored solutions that will fit your situation. In order to do this, we need to understand your needs and your situation. Remember, falling behind on your payments can negatively impact your credit record, so the sooner we discuss your financial needs, the sooner we can help. 

  • Am I able to extend my payment relief?

    Your solution will be designed to meet your needs. So, for example, a temporary solution like payment relief might not be right for you and a longer-term solution would be more helpful. The best option is still to make payments monthly. Complete our online form so we can understand your current financial position and get you the best solution.

  • How do I know what kind of solution I will get with the Absa Siyasizana Programme?

    We will assess your needs plus your financial situation, and provide the best solution to benefit you in the long term. This will not be a quick fix, but a way of improving your financial situation over the future. The sooner you apply, the sooner we can help you maintain healthier finances.

  • Will there be a solution for me if I am in financial distress?

    Yes. Our aim is to help you maintain as much financial health as possible — so our options are specifically tailored with your personal financial circumstances in mind. Certain options may have a longer-term impact on your credit bureau profile, so it is important for you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can quickly find the solution which best meets your needs and can minimise your distress.  

  • I have Credit Life Plan on my account, what does this cover me for?

    If you have Retrenchment cover and have had a total loss of income for more than 30 days, please call Absa Credit Life on 0860 227 253. You can also use Absa Online or your Absa Banking App to submit a claim. Remember, your Credit Life covers death and disability as well. If you are unsure about your Credit Life Plan visit our COVID-19 page and select Credit Life.

  • How will my credit record be impacted?

    Each solution will have a different impact from a credit bureau perspective, but our goal is to help you manage your debt and to prevent you from falling further behind on your payments, which will significantly affect your credit record.

  • I have more than one account with Absa. What would be the best offer for me?

    If you have several accounts and have extra funds in your home loan as a result of additional payments into your home loan account, then these payments could be used to help pay off some of the balances on your other accounts. This will increase your home loan balance and your instalments.

  • If I take up an option, can I change my mind later?

    Our goal is to help you as best as we can, and the solution we give you will be based entirely on your financial situation. So if your situation changes, we will definitely look at providing a more appropriate solution.

  • I have applied for assistance but have not yet received feedback. How do I find out the status of my application?

    If you have applied and we have completed your assessment we, will contact you via SMS or email within 2 weeks to confirm your way forward. If you have not received any communication after 2 weeks, please call 0861 222 272 (select option 3).

  • What happens if I have a debit order on my account and I apply for financial assistance?

    You would need to contact us at least 4 days before the debit order date so that we can adjust it in line with your solution. If the debit order has already been processed, we will be able to refund the collected amounts. Some debit orders can be refunded, please ask about this when a solution has been provided to you.  

  • Will there be any costs for financial assistance?

    Some costs might apply depending on the solution we find for you. All our solutions are designed to help you handle your financial situation. Your interest rates and fees will remain, but the structure and size of your repayments could change.

  • What documentation will I need?

    When you apply for a loan solution, we will let you know which solution best fits your needs, and we will also let you know if there are documents you’ll need to provide.

  • Is there anything which I could do to better afford my monthly instalments going forward?

    All instalments are based on how you have used your account(s). If you owe a large balance, you will have to pay back higher monthly instalments.


    Here are some quick tips on how you can use your account wisely and manage your finances:


    • Only buy things you really need instead of luxury items - which can be purchased later once you can afford them
    • Be smart in how you use your credit card
    • Withdrawing cash or transferring it out of your account means a higher daily interest is charged
    • It helps to draw up a monthly budget and stick to it.  If you find your credit limit a little too tempting every month then contact us to reduce this to a limit you can manage
    •  If the remaining balances on existing loans or credit facilities are lower, consider consolidating them or paying them off sooner. This way, you will free up a bit more cashflow.

    Making a few easy lifestyle changes can better your financial situation.  You may be able to better afford your instalments and could keep a healthy credit record allowing you to get credit in future. 

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