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Financial Advice

Surviving the storm

Life is unpredictable and tough times could leave you struggling to keep up with your home loan repayments. If you miss payments, you could face legal action and even lose your home. We’re here to help you avoid that. We understand that anyone may experience financial difficulty and that’s why we have tailored solutions to help you through difficult times.


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  • Short-term plan (payment arrangement)

    Sometimes financial distress is of a short-term nature and a short-term payment plan is available to you. Short-term payment plans offer you the opportunity to pay a percentage of the current monthly mortgage payment for a period of up to 6 months.

    What you need to know:

    • To qualify, your bond must be older than 9 months.
    • As an affordability assessment will be conducted prior to approval of the short-term plan you are required to submit a detailed income and expenditure statement with the application, including combined income where it is a combined loan.
    • This income and expenditure statement must also show the ability to make a full instalment at the end of the short-term plan period and should thus include future expected income and expenditure.
    • Arrears will continue to accumulate on the account while on this plan.
    • On successful completion of the short-term payment plan, you may be considered for a restructure.
    • After successful completion and should you have cleared the arrears, the account will continue to be monitored for another 12 months.
    • The approval of a short-term plan is conditional upon the customer signing a debit order.

    Contact us on alternatively on 0861 222 272 to prevent the possibility of legal action

  • Long-term plan (restructure)

    At Absa we understand that you could also require a long-term arrangement to be able to afford your bond repayments. For this, you have t have an on-going monthly income adequate to enable a restructure of the account. A restructure allows for the total payment term on the bond to be extended, which clears the arrears, yet still keeps the payment amount affordable.

    What you need to know:

    • To qualify, your bond must be older than 9 months.
    • As an affordability assessment will be conducted prior to approval of the restructure, you must submit a detailed income and expenditure statement with the application, including combined income where it is a combined loan.
    • The total term of the loan may not exceed 360 months.
    • You have to make 3 consecutive payments at the newly agreed instalment before the arrears will be cleared. This means that capitalisation only starts after 3 consecutive monthly payments at the newly agreed amount have been received.
    • The new repayment may not be lower than 25% of original contractual amount.
    • Interest rate alterations are not to be considered for restructures.
    • Where extending the term pushes the new term past national retirement age (65 years), then post retirement proof of income must be supplied and will be assessed.
    • Any approval of a restructure is conditional upon the customer signing a debit order.

    Contact us on alternatively on 0861 222 272 to prevent the possibility of legal action.

  • Let us Help-U-Sell

    Are you looking to sell your property?

    Absa Help-U-Sell is available to you and has been designed to offer a solution to clients who are financially distressed, are in arrears, or are under debt counselling and unable to meet their monthly obligations wishing to dispose of their property to alleviate their overall debt exposure.

    The Absa Help-U-Sell option may assist in reducing the accumulation of excessive rates, taxes and levies by achieving a quicker sale.

    With Help-U-Sell you can:

    • Reduce excessive rates
    • Qualify for 50% discount
    • Use authorised estate agents
    • Write off up to 50% shortfall

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  • Debt counselling programme

    Debt counselling is a process intended to assist over-indebted consumers struggling with debt repayments, through budget advice, negotiations with credit providers for reduced payments and restructuring of debts. Debt counselling services can only be offered by an NCR registered debt counsellor.

    • The NCA makes provision for you to consult a debt counsellor. The debt counsellor will engage with all your creditor providers who are governed under the NCA. 

    What does the Debt Councillor do for you?

    The debt counsellor charges a fee, which is prescribed by the NCR.

    • The debt counsellor contacts Absa and re-negotiates your repayments.
    • The new debt payment plan must be agreed to by Absa. 
    • If Absa agrees to the debt counsellor’s repayment plan, the debt counsellor must obtain a consent order to execute from the court.
    • A garnishee order (refer to Annexure F for more information on garnishee order) will also be issued against your salary to ensure that creditors are paid.
    • Your arrangement plan will be noted in the credit bureau.
    • You will not be able to obtain more credit until your debts have been repaid. 
    • If Absa DOES NOT agree to your debt re-arrangement plan:
      • We will notify the debt counsellor within 60 days that we have not accepted your plan.
    • Absa may commence with the legal process. 
    • Here are some options for you to consider if you run into financial difficulties: 
      • Get a second job
    • Cut back on unnecessary expenses
    • Start a small business 

    Contact us on alternatively on 0861 222 272 to prevent the possibility of legal action.

  • Understanding the legal process

    Helping you understand the legal collections process

    The sooner you advise us of your financial situation, the sooner you will be able to look at the different plans or options we have in place that could assist you for a period of time. Time is of the essence to develop viable solutions to try to remediate the situation.

    The following legal process will be applied

    A letter of demand will be sent to you via registered post to the domicilium citandi et executandi (the address you provided to the bank). Should you not respond to the letter of demand, a summons will be issued. The sheriff will serve the summons upon you at your domicilium address. You must respond within 10 days after receiving the letter.

    Should you not respond to the summons, default judgment will be taken against you
    An attachment order (writ of execution) will be issued and served by the sheriff upon you at the domicilium address. The attachment order entitles the bank to auction the property.

    The sheriff will arrange a sale in execution where your property will be sold on auction by the sheriff. Notices of the auction must be published on the Government Gazette 21 days before the sale occurs. The property is either:

    • Sold at the auction (bought by a third party) or
    • Repossessed by the bank

    NOTE: if there is a shortfall between the bid price and the actual amount you owe, you will be responsible for the shortfall.

    An example:
    Outstanding Balance: R600 000
    Property sold for: R300 000
    Shortfall: R300 000

    You are responsible for the shortfall of R300 000 (judgement debt).
    Transfer of the property into the new owner’s name will take place and you must vacate the property.
    The new owner can apply for an eviction order if you fail to move out of the property. The sheriff will serve this on you and if you refuse to vacate the property, you could be arrested.
    The legal process could be halted at any stage in the process, depending on arrangements made between you and us.

    We at Absa value our clients and encourage you, should you be facing financial difficulty, to contact us as soon as possible and discuss the options available to you.

    Absa Helping to "Bring your possibility to life".

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Debt Management

Our distressed properties offer you an affordable way to buy a new home.

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  • Absa Homeowner App can be downloaded from the iOS App store and Google Play Store.
  • The minimum requirement to use the app is iOS version 6 for Apple and version 2.3 for Android.
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Let us set you free with HelpUSell

Debt Couselling

HelpUSell helps our customers who are financially distressed or are under debt counselling to sell their property and improve their overall debt exposure. You can avoid excessive rates, and achieve a quick sale.

Our authorised estate agents can help you market your property.
We write off up to 50% of the shortfall.


Pay your monthly loan obligation while your property is on sale.

How to get it and what to expect

  • What you get

    • Your property will be marketed by Absa’s panel of authorised estate agents.
    • Our Absa HelpUSell consultants will assist you during the sales process;
    • If the sale price is less than the outstanding balance on your home loan account, we will offer you a discount on the balance (shortfall amount):
      • You will qualify for a 50% discount on accounts in arrears for 3 months or less. 
      • You will qualify for a 30% discount on accounts in arrears for less than 6 months but more than 3 months. 
      • You will qualify for a 10% discount on accounts in arrears for 6 months or longer. 
      • No discount will be given on the shortfall amount if your property has already been scheduled for a sale in execution by the sheriff of the high court.
  • How does it work

    • If you wish to make use of the HelpUSell option you will have to:
      • Sign a HelpUSell mandate; 
      • Assist our agents during the sale process by allowing access to the property for valuation and marketing purposes; and 
      • Maintain the property to ensure that it is shown to its full potential to prospective buyers. This may lead to higher offers on the property.

    Further terms and conditions on the sale and registration process are set out in the HelpUSell mandate.

    • You will be liable for all costs associated with the sale and transfer of the property. These costs include but are not limited to outstanding rates, taxes, charges for municipal services and levies (if applicable); estate agent commission; bond cancellation costs and legal costs (if applicable). (These costs are also set out in the HelpUSell Mandate and our Absa HelpUSell consultants are available to assist you with any queries you may have.)
    • These costs can be paid from the sale proceeds, if you are not able to make an advance payment, however, such payment will reduce the amount available for distribution into your home loan account.

    If you already have a potential or accepted offer for your property, you can submit the offer and proof of your buyer’s finance to for consideration. You will have to sign the HelpUSell Client Sale Agreement (Private Sales) to qualify for a discount on any shortfall, as described above.

    Even though you agree to use the HelpUSell option, the terms and conditions of your home loan will still apply and you will have to pay your monthly bond instalments or a lesser amount agreed on.

    We will proceed with legal action during the term of the mandate and you will remain responsible for your arrears where applicable.

  • You will need to

    • Sign an Absa HelpUSell mandate outlining any costs that you are liable for
    • Pay your monthly loan payments or partial loan payments, as arranged, to avoid legal action
    • Make sure your property is sold and the transfer is finalised
    • Sell to any buyer who offers at least the reserve asking price - you can’t wait for a higher offer.

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