HelpUSell will help you sell your property and improve your overall debt exposure. You can reduce excessive rates, and achieve a quick sale.

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Our authorised estate agents can help you market property.

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We write off up to 50% of the shortfall.

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Pay your monthly loan obligation while your property is on sale.

How to get it and what you can expect

  • What you get

    • Your property will be marketed by Absa’s panel of authorised estate agents.
    • Our Absa HelpUSell consultants will assist you during the sale process;
    • If the sale price is less than the outstanding balance on your home loan account, we will offer you a discount on the balance (shortfall amount):
      • You will qualify for a 50% discount on accounts in arrears for 3 months or less. 
      • You will qualify for a 30% discount on accounts in arrears for less than 6 months but more than 3 months. 
      • You will qualify for a 10% discount on accounts in arrears for 6 months or longer. 
      • No discount will be given on the shortfall amount if your property has already been scheduled for a sale in execution by the Sheriff of the High Court.
  • How does it work

    • If you wish to make use of the HelpUSell option you will have to:
      • Sign a HelpUSell mandate; 
      • Assist our agents during the sale process by allowing access to the property for valuation and marketing purposes; and 
      • Maintain the property to ensure that it is shown to its full potential to prospective buyers. This may lead to higher offers on the property. 
    • Further terms and conditions on the sale and registration process are set out in the HelpUSell mandate. 
    • You will be liable for all costs associated with the sale and transfer of the property. These costs include but are not limited to outstanding rates, taxes, charges for municipal services and levies (if applicable); estate agent commission; bond cancellation costs and legal costs (if applicable). (These costs are also set out in the HelpUSell Mandate and our Absa HelpUSell consultants are available to assist you with any queries you may have.)
    • These costs can be paid from the sale proceeds if you are not able to make an advance payment, however, such payment will reduce the amount available for distribution into your home loan account. 

    If you already have a potential buyer or accepted an offer for your property, you can submit the offer and proof of your buyer’s finance to for consideration.

    Even though you agree to use the HelpUSell option, the terms and conditions of your home loan will still apply and you will have to pay your monthly bond instalments or a lesser amount agreed on.

    We will proceed with legal action during the term of the mandate and you will remain responsible for your arrears where applicable.

  • What you have to do

    • You will need to sign an Absa HelpUSell mandate outlining any costs that you are liable for.
    • You must still pay your monthly loan payments or partial loan payments, as arranged, to avoid legal action. 
    • You must do whatever needed to make sure your property is sold and the transfer is finalised. 

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