You can’t carry everything you love with you, so leave it to us to secure it.

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Get complete cover for:

Destructive weather damage

We cover you in case rain, hail, floods or severe storms cause damage to your home.

Third-party liability for domestic employee

If one of your domestic employees gets hurt on your premises, we will help cover the costs.

Damage or loss as a result of theft and attempted theft

If someone breaks in, we will help cover you for your stolen or damaged belongings.

Accidental damage and loss to property

Sometimes things happen that you didn't see coming and that are out of your control. We will help you cover the cost of such damage.

Rest assured with these features:

Add portable possessions like your purse, laptop or cellphone to your policy

We protect your belongings while you are on the go. You can add your portable valuables to your policy so that it is covered even if they are not at home.

Money back if you don’t claim for three years or more

Structure your excess to suit what you can afford in the event of a claim

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