You have the freedom to decide what you want cover for.

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Choose the type of insurance that fits in with what

you need and what you can afford.

Fire damage

In the event that your car is damaged or a complete write-off due to fire, we'll assist you with covering the costs.

Third-party liability

We will help you cover the costs in the event that you accidentally inflict damage on another person's car and are responsible for payment.

Theft and attempted theft

We'll help you cover the costs if your car is stolen or damaged as a result of theft or attempted theft.

Never worry about fine print or hidden costs.

We are on your side. We ensure that your insurance policy is quoted and maintained with upmost accuracy and honesty.

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At Absa, we take care of our own insurance. Your insurance needs will be taken care
of through-and-through, by the best of the best.

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