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Access everything you need to grow your business

Keep the wheels turning smoothly with a range of core business banking products, which will give you unlimited access to your accounts, plus a host of useful functionalities.

Do my business banking

From the cutting-edge innovations of the online Business Integrator services, to multi-function credit cards and wide-ranging current accounts, look to Absa for comprehensive business banking.

Current accounts

Our range of business bank accounts will make banking your unique business easy and save you time.

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Simple savings products

By saving and investing with us, you keep your business's money safe and secure, yet accessible, should you need it.

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Business purchasing cards

Our range of business and commercial cards will take care of all your day-to-day business expenses, including travel, accommodation and entertainment.

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Business loans

Use our standard or tailored financing to fund your business operations. We can also finance virtually any asset you may need.

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Absa Online

Make payments and inter-account payments, top up prepaid airtime, send money to unbanked recipients, and make UIF and SARS payments with the click of a button.

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Business Integrator

A web-based banking application perfect for medium business, large business and corporate customers. This online system lets you choose specific services for your business operations.

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Ways to bank

You can choose from our range of service channels to do your banking, from visiting your nearest branch or simply picking up your phone to make that urgent payment to a supplier.

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Get the business insurance and support you need

Protect your livelihood by making sure that, if things go wrong, your business is adequately insured and can recover quickly.

We offer the perfect insurance for your business needs

  • Choose the right business insurance

    As a small business owner, you can choose from a range of traditional and specialist insurance products to cover you against risk and to cater for your wealth creation needs. Choose between general, specialist or agricultural cover, and best of all, we design the products to ensure you get an integrated solution that is right for your business.

  • Our business insurance is perfect if you

    • Want to protect your livelihood against potential dangers, such as fire or theft
    • Would like to choose an option tailored to your business
    • Want peace of mind, knowing that you will be compensated for any loss and can recover quickly

Types of business insurance

  • General business cover

    • A range of assets, including buildings, content, stock, machinery and vehicles
    • Gross profit income and additional costs
    • Legal liabilities, such as those relating to property owners, tenants and products
  • Specialist business cover

    • Guarantees of consignment stock, contract performance and lease deposits
    • Contractors
    • Plant and specialised electronic equipment
    • Contract liabilities
    • Transporters using heavy commercial vehicles, as well as cargo in transit
  • Specialist agricultural cover

    • Against fire, accidents and personal risks (including household contents and vehicles)
    • Property, including fire and allied perils
    • Equipment, including motors, harvesters, tractors, irrigation systems, livestock and pedigreed animals
    • Engineering and liabilities, including spread of fire

Insurance that ensures what you cover, is covered

When you sign surety for business debts, you bind your estate to additional obligations. Contingent liability insurance is a tax-efficient way of protecting the financial future of your business and estate, and it will give your family peace of mind when they need it most.

The benefits of contingent liability insurance

  • Contingent liability insurance

    • The policy will repay the business loan that you signed surety for in the event of your death or disability
    • The financial resources and liquidity of your business will not be put under strain to meet payment obligations
    • Your estate will not pay estate duty on the proceeds of the policy
    • Your business can retain surplus proceeds from the policy payout
    • Policy values can be reflected as an asset in your business

We offer a range of business loans and finance


It is vital for your business to have working capital and a steady cash flow available. Without it your company cannot grow or take advantage of new opportunities. Our finance solutions will suit any business — from start-up to established.

Start-up finance

We offer a set of finance options designed to meet the unique needs of your new business.

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Short-term finance

Fund your day-to-day business operations with a short-term loan and avoid liquidity shortage.

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Long-term finance

Finance projects or purchases over a period of more than one year.

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Technology finance solutions

Wouldn't it be comforting to know that you can upgrade to the latest technology without any hassles?

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Vehicle and asset finance

Get your business moving with flexible, hassle-free finance options for new or used vehicles.

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Debt finance

Get specialist support for the major watershed deals in your company's evolution.

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Get the best assistance from a trusted financial adviser


From help with rebalancing your investment portfolio to tax advice or conducting a financial needs analysis to aid in future planning, one of our financial services experts will be there for you.

  • Choosing a suitable financial adviser

    When it comes to your livelihood and assets, it is much safer to ask a professional for advice rather than navigating the market on your own. Since our financial advisers have their finger on market fluctuations, they are in the best position to cut through complicated jargon and confusing standpoints to help you with your financial decisions.

  • Absa personal financial advisers

    • Undergo mandatory FAIS compliance
    • Complete extensive initial training
    • Engage in periodic refresher courses
    • Have access to extensive in-house resources including specialist advice on legal and tax issues
    • Have access to in-house research and advanced financial needs analysis and planning software

Choosing a suitable financial adviser

Know your rights when choosing a suitable financial adviser


  • Your adviser needs to

    • Analyse your needs, taking into account your age (life stage), income, dependents, goals and the moments that you are going through
    • Protect your best interests
    • Complete the Contact Stage Disclosures, (which means they must clarify which services they are qualified to provide, confirm their relationship with Absa Group Limited and define the service they are able to provide to you based on your specific needs)
    • Give you the information you need to make informed decisions
    • Disclose commission and administration charges upfront
    • Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your investment
    • Provide you with all the documents within 30 working days
  • What's in it for me?

    • We appoint only the best people to serve you, we give them superior business tools and we train them continually to develop them
    • We will establish a strong relationship with you so that we can understand your unique needs
    • We will give you high-quality financial advice
    • We use quality financial planning tools to make recommendations, and we continually monitor the progress of your financial plan
    • We can meet all your banking, insurance and investment needs
    • You choose how we engage with you — be it face-to-face or telephonically

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