Sometimes when things fall apart, they fall into place. The end of one journey in your life simply gives you the opportunity to begin the next. It's a new path full of new adventures and an opportunity to live by a new set of rules. It might be a little hard, this new found independence, but count on us to be a constant pillar of support.


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Sometimes when things fall apart, they fall into place

What you should consider for this life moment

Absa Law for You, upholds and protects your legal rights

What is Absa Law for You?

Absa Law for You is an affordable, one of its kind product that provides legal cover for civil, labour, family or criminal matters. Given that 9 out of 10 people will find themselves in some sort of legal dispute during their lifetime, Absa Law for You ensures that your rights will always be protected, irrespective of your budget.

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Monthly fee
Cover main member, spouse and children under 21
Unlimited advise
Preexisting matters
Litigation cover
Three months waiting period
Court representation — criminal
Court representation — civil
Court representation — family
Court representation — labour
R35 000

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R65 000

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R100 000

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R120 000

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Up to R200 000

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Absa Law for You benefits 

  • Civil matters

    This is when you sue someone, or someone sues you because of an agreement you had, e.g. motor vehicle accidents or similar cases, where an amount of money is asked to solve a problem.

  • Labour matters

    This is when you are in a job related disagreement with your employer/work. e.g. Labour Court and CCMA arbitration proceedings, unfair dismissals, salary disputes, etc.

  • Family matters

    Maintenance hearings where the other party is represented by a legal practitioner.

    • Opposed and unopposed divorces
    • Registration of antenuptial agreements
    • Child maintenance
  • Criminal matters

    This is when you are charged by the State for allegedly committing a crime, e.g. theft, murder bail application and guilty pleas. Absa Law for You will also provide you with assistance through our 24-hour emergency line.

  • Policy benefits

    • Emergency bail assist
    • Assistance with contract of sale, when buying or selling a vehicle
    • Assistance in drafting a will
    • A discount on transfer fees when buying a home
    • Negotiating payment arrangements with creditors

Let us assist with a financial plan, so you can live life to the fullest

Looking For A Vehicle

Get the best advice from a trusted financial adviser

From help with rebalancing your investment portfolio, tax advice and conducting a financial needs analysis to aid in future planning, speak to one of our financial services experts.

  • Get the best advive from a trusted financial adviser

    When it comes to your livelihood and assets, asking a professional for advice decreases the risks associated with navigating the market on your own. Since our financial advisers have their finger on the pulse of the world's economy and closely monitor market fluctuations for a living, they are in the best position to cut through complicated jargon, confusing standpoints and various advice strategies to assist you with your financial decisions.

  • Absa personal financial advisers

    • Undergo mandatory FAIS compliance
    • Complete extensive initial training
    • Engage in periodic refresher courses
    • Have access to extensive in-house resources including specialist advice on legal and tax issues
    • Have access to in-house research and advanced financial needs analysis and planning software

Choosing a suitable financial adviser

Know your rights when choosing a suitable financial adviser.

  • Your adviser needs to

    • Conduct a needs analysis that will take into account your age (life stage), your income, your dependents, your goals and the moments that you are going through
    • Protect your best interests
    • Complete the Contact Stage Disclosures that include, but are not limited to, clarifying the services he is able to provide, confirming his relationship with Absa Group Limited and defining the service he is able to provide to you based on the needs expressed
    • Provide you with information to make informed decisions
    • Disclose commission and administration charges upfront
    • Make sure you understand all the terms and conditions of your investment
    • Provide you with all documentation within 30 working days
  • What's in it for me?

    • We put our clients at the centre of everything we do, starting with the calibre of people we appoint to serve them, the business tools we provide to our staff and the ongoing training we provide to develop them
    • We establish a strong relationship with our customers that will help us understand their unique needs
    • We provide high-quality financial advice as our core offering
    • We utilise quality financial planning tools to provide financial planning recommendations, as well as monitor the progress of your financial plan
    • We leverage our relationship within Absa Group Limited and our collective solutions to be able to offer differentiated value for our clients to meet your Banking; Insurance and Investment needs
    • We cater for all your needs be it face-to-face or telephonically — you choose how we engage with you

A will allows you to live in the now, and plan for tomorrow

Will, trust and estates

You have worked hard to build financial security and freedom for yourself and those dear to you, but what will happen to your estate when you pass away? Are you also keen to ensure the transfer of your estate is as smooth as possible? Absa Trust has a range of services available that will help you navigate your way through to wills, trusts and estate administration with ease.

Your will

By ensuring that you have a comprehensive will in place, you will have peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out when you pass away.

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Your trust
Your trust

We offer a number of trust services to facilitate the creation and protection of wealth.

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Your Estate
Your estate

We offer a number of trust services to facilitate the creation and protection of wealth.

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Get a home loan for whatever your needs require

Buying Another Vehicle

Whatever your home finance needs, we can help you lay that firm foundation. Our qualified home finance experts are ready to guide you through the ins and outs of building, buying, renovating or selling your home.

Life cover from Absa
Absa home loans

Building, renovating or buying? We have a home loan to help you make it happen.

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Absa Life @Ease
Home insurance

Proper cover is essential when you've made a big investment. We have all the cover you need.

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Absa Life @Ease
Repayment options

Choose your home loan repayment terms wisely and pay off your debt as soon as possible.

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Life cover from Absa

Before you buy make sure you know what your new home will cost — and how you could save.

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Absa Life @Ease
Apply now

Proper cover is essential when you've made a big investment. We have all the cover you need.

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Absa Life @Ease
Switch and save

Let Absa try to save you money on your existing home loan.

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Get finance for your car

Start driving the car of your dreams today with flexible, hassle-free car finance options for new and used vehicles and other moveable assets, including caravans, trailers, boats and bikes. We are the leaders in car finance in South Africa and will tailor a finance deal to suit your needs with manageable monthly repayments on your loan. Let us help you achieve your dreams and aspirations. With Absa you also get access to a range of value-added services from mechanical and electrical assistance to roadside assistance and great deals on products and travel services.

Find your dream car
Find your dream car

Searching for a new or used car can be exciting for the first-time buyer and an equally thrilling experience for those looking for the latest model of their favourite car on the market.

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Selling your car
Selling your car

We understand the many different reasons people may decide to sell their cars. We will guide and give you tips how you can go about the process.

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What you can afford
What you can afford

Before you pick up that car with all the trappings that you have been having sweet dreams about, consider the best payment option to suit your pocket.

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Our finance solutions
Our finance solutions

No matter what your needs are, we have several finance options available — each of which can be structured to give you the best car or asset finance deal to help get you on your way.

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Apply online
Apply online

By partnering with us in purchasing the car of your dreams, we ensure that applying for car finance is a breeze.

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Value adds

We have additional products and services that will help protect your vehicle and minimise any potential future risks you may face.

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