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Finding a new or used car is quite thrilling for a first-time buyer, and it’s equally exciting when you start looking around for the latest model of your favourite car.

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Special Offers
Special offers

You won't believe just how special our car offers are, and how often they are available.

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Find your dream car
Find your dream car

With so much to consider, deciding which car you want to buy is not so straightforward. We make the process quick and easy for you. Our agents are here to help you find the car of your dreams through one of our accredited dealer partners.

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Selling your car
Private sales

Should you wish to buy or sell a car privately, we can facilitate the deal for you at one of our accredited dealers that specialise in private sales, offering you the peace of mind of a safe environment.

What you can afford
What you can afford

Before you pick up that car with all the trappings that you’ve had sweet dreams about, consider the best payment options to suit your pocket.

Our finance solutions
Our finance solutions

No matter what your needs are, we have several car loan options available. Each of them can be structured to give you the best car loan deal.

Apply Online
Apply online

If you partner with us when looking for your perfect car, applying for a car loan is a breeze.

Values Adds

We have additional products and services that will help protect your vehicle and minimise potential risks you may face.

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Buying Another Vehicle

Start driving the car of your dreams today with flexible, hassle-free car loan options for both new and used vehicles. We also finance other moveable assets, like caravans, trailers, boats and bikes. We are the leaders in car finance in South Africa and will tailor a finance deal to suit your needs with manageable monthly repayments.


What's more, with Absa you can also get access to a range of value-added services from mechanical breakdown warranties to roadside assistance, as well as cash back on purchases at Sasol garages and great deals from our rewards partners.

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Choose from our car insurance options

Looking For A Vehicle

We understand that your vehicle is important to you. Why not select one of our car insurance products and put your mind at ease. Whatever your car insurance needs, we can match your cover to your wallet — from comprehensive insurance cover through to basic third-party cover.

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There are many ways to earn Absa Rewards

Firts time buyer
Cash rewards from Absa
Swipe to earn points

Simply use an Absa debit, cheque or credit card to pay for your purchases and you will earn cashback on the first R200 000 worth of qualifying purchases during an accrual period.

Cash Rewards from Partners
Earn points from partners

Use your Absa debit, cheque or credit card at any one of these partners and you will earn a percentage of your purchase amount back in cash.

Rewards from Absa at Sasol
Get rewarded at Sasol

You will earn a guaranteed 5% cashback from Absa for all qualifying transactions at Sasol, from food to fuel, when you swipe your Absa debit, cheque or credit card.

Deals and special offers
Deals and special offers

You will enjoy special discounts, have access to exclusive promotions and earn extra cashback from specific partners during various times of the year.

Redeem Rewards
Redeem rewards

The real beauty of being an Absa Rewards member is that you can choose exactly how you would like to be rewarded.

Bonus Benefits
Bonus benefits

As an Absa Rewards member you have free access to value-added services, like 24-hour emergency home assistance, concierge services and medical networks, which will make your life much easier.

Get additional protection for your car loan and vehicle

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  • Credit protection

    We cover your vehicle and asset finance.

    Your loan will be covered in the event of death, temporary or permanent disability, dread disease and retrenchment — depending on the plan selected.

    • Plan A: Death
    • Plan B: Death, permanent and temporary disability
    • Plan C: Death, permanent and temporary disability and dread disease
    • Plan D: Death, permanent and temporary disability, dread disease and retrenchment
  • Extended cover

    Buying a car is a costly venture and, no matter how careful you are, there may come a time when your car is stolen, written off, or even just scratched. Repair or replacement costs may not be fully covered by your insurance policy, but extended cover gives you financial security when your car is stolen or damaged.

  • Mechanical breakdown warranty

    Our mechanical breakdown warranty is an insurance policy that covers your vehicle against mechanical failure and related costs.

    It provides cover for:

    • New and used passenger and light commercial vehicles following the expiry of the manufacturers warranty
    • Caravans, motorcycles, quads, 4x4s, jet skis and motor boats
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