Want to buy land to build on or already have land to build on? We can help you build your dream home one brick at a time with a building loan. If you want to build by renovating or adding an extension onto your existing home we can help with a Further Advance Building Loan.

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Progress payments

Progress payment are made for completed work in stages.

Start to pay after 9 months

Repayment starts after nine (9) months after bond registration.

Interim interest

Interest will be debited from the date of first payment.

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How to get it and what you can expect

  • What you get

    Building process:

    Our building loan allows you to finance your unique home. You can finance both the vacant land and your dream home on one loan. With our building loan we make payments for completed work in stages. Your repayments only start nine months after registration.

    To find out more download the Building Loan document.

  • What you need to know

    • Search and get a vacant land to build your home.
    • Use a builder who is registered with the National Home Builders Registration Council. 
    • The final payment is made only once the work is completed in full and an occupation certificate is issued by the municipality.
    • You have 9 months to complete building operations. During the building period, the bank pays funds to the developer based on the work completed and against a "progress payment" requested by you.
    • We normally allow for 6 progress payments during the 9 months. The final payment is made only once the work is completed in full and an occupation certificate issued by the municipality is received by Absa Home Loans.
    • Interest accrues on your loan from the day of the first payment made; this is known as interim interest. This interim interest is debited to your building loan for the duration of the building period. It is recommended that you make interim payments to cover this interest.
    • The final payment is made once the work has been completed in full and the municipality has issued an occupation certificate.
    • You only start repaying your loan after 9 months after registration. 
    • Further Advance building Loan follows the same process even though it is for an extrenaion to your existing home.

    For more information, you can download our brochure here.

  • What to bring when you apply

    • A single or joint gross monthly household income of R20 000 or more.
    • A valid, bar-coded South African ID or passport if non-South Africa resident.
    • An offer to purchase (if purchasing a property or refer to Building Loan Process if building).
    • Your latest salary advice (or income statement if self-employed).
    • Provide consent for three (3) months’ bank statements if banking with First National Bank (FNB), Nedbank or Standard Bank, otherwise provide three (3) months’ bank statements
    • NHBRC Builders Registration Certificate. 
    • A municipal approved plans.
    • A schedule of building tender and finishes.
    • Minimum specifications (Absa form 1284EX).
    • A fully completed and signed building contract.
    • A signed Waiver of Builders Lien (Absa form 1295BX).
    • Builders all-risk insurance. 



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