Why choose a lease agreement?

Keep your options open with our lease agreement. You decide whether you want to buy the
car at the end of the finance period.

How to get it:
How to get it:
  • Find the vehicle you want.
  • Agree on an interest rate, monthly repayment amount and repayment period.
  • Once all the documents have been signed and handed in, you can get your vehicle. 
Benefits of a lease agreement:
Benefits of a lease agreement:
  • You pay lower, more affordable monthly payments.
  • Enjoy full, uninterrupted use of the vehicle for the lease period.
  • You can change vehicles when you reach the end of your lease term or even before.
  • Convenient – drive the vehicle of your choice without the hassles of ownership.
  • The fixed monthly payments are tax-deductible if you are a VAT registered vendor.
  • Maintenance costs are fixed.
  • At the end of the lease, you can choose to purchase the vehicle at an agreed price, nominate a third party to buy it, or continue to use it at a reduced or null rental fee.
  • It’s flexible – you can reduce your monthly payments by choosing a balloon payment or making an upfront deposit.
Optional and value-added extras:
Optional and value-added extras:
  • Insurance is mandatory to obtain finance. Absa offers a range of competitive insurance options, but you do have the option to obtain insurance from an insurer of choice.
  • Through Absa Online, registered users can link this account to their profile and view the financing details and monitor the outstanding balance and transaction history.
  • An affordable credit protection plan is available to settle the outstanding balance in the case of death, disability or retrenchment. 

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