We all have a vision of how we would like to retire, the quality of life we will lead and the financial freedom we can enjoy in our golden age. However reaching this milestone requires the right financial partner. We're here to help you find the right solution to ensure your retirement expectations are met.


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Whatever your retirement goals, you can benefit from the following:

Tax-free investments

Grow your money without paying tax.

Invest up to R30 000 a year, or up to R500 000 in your lifetime, without paying tax. This is a good way to invest large amounts towards your retirement.

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Protect your legacy.

Have peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out when you are no longer here. Ensure that you have an updated will in place.

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Unit trusts

Grow your money with unit trusts.

Unit trusts are easy and convenient to invest in. Start today from as little as R100 per month or with a R1 000 lump sum investment.

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Core Retirement Annuity

Cash in with a retirement annuity.

A low-cost retirement annuity based on your needs. Enjoy specific tax benefits on contributions and growth.

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Funeral cover

Ensure your final wishes are honoured.

Death is the last step in your life journey. Make sure that you prepare with a funeral cover that respects your wishes and promises.

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Household contents insurance

Protect those precious household contents.

Over a lifetime we fill our homes with heirlooms and memories. Make sure that you protect these pieces for their real and sentimental value by taking out contents insurance.

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Trading has never been easier.

Trade and invest in the stock market using our online platform. Get advice and tips on how to improve your investment goals from our portal or speak to one of our financial experts or stockbrokers.

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Life cover

Always be prepared.

Insuring against the worst is always a smart move. Make sure that you and your family get the very best cover with our extensive life insurance products.

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Building insurance

Building/homeowner's insurance.

Your house is so much more than the bricks and mortar it is made of — it is your home — and it needs to be insured against all the unexpected things in life.

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Retirement tips

  • Mistakes to be avoided when planning for retirement

    Some of the most common mistakes to be avoided when planning for retirement are:

    • Not diversifying your investments — Don't put all your eggs in one basket. A properly diversified portfolio will assist you to reduce your investment risk while maximising returns.
    • Not rebalancing — It is important to regularly rebalance the asset classes held in your investment portfolio.
    • Not preserving retirement savings — When moving between jobs, cashing out your pension can become subject to penalty fees and tax. You should consider transferring your retirement savings into a preservation fund. In particular, you should not resign from your job to get your hands on your retirement savings.
    • Paralysed by choices — Retirement planning is full of choices so don't be forced into inaction by them. Take your time and investigate all options. Retirement planning is all about the right investments.
    • Depending on single source of income — Delay your retirement by a few years or turn a hobby into income. This will enable you to maintain your standard of living while providing for your retirement.
    • Not saving enough and starting too late — The principle of compound growth is a powerful tool in building up sufficient capital for retirement. You should always save as much as you can for retirement. If you do not save from your first pay cheque, you could face destitution in retirement.
  • Already living in retirement?

    Living in retirement means a change in lifestyle, which impacts on how you spend your time and the expenses associated with your activities. A point of departure will be to draw up a retirement budget that reflects the realities of your chosen lifestyle.

    Creating a retirement budget that reflects the realities of your chosen lifestyle. Creating a retirement budget includes everything, from essentials like food, utilities and housing to non-essentials that make life enjoyable, such as travel and entertainment. You also need to plan for the unexpected expenses, such as medical bills, fixing the room or replacing the car.

  • Decisions at retirement

    When reaching retirement, your investment become accessible for the purchase of a regular income, also referred to as an annuity. If you were a member of a defined contribution fund, defined benefit fund or retirement annuity fund, you are legally bound to use two-thirds of the capital to buy an annuity.

    The remaining third of the capital is regarded as discretionary money and it can be used to settle debt, reinvest or buy an additional income stream. A portion of this capital payout is tax free, subject to the prevailing income tax legislation. Some of the other decisions you will need to make, include:

    • Whether to delay buying an annuity or taking any pension income for now
    • Where to buy it from the get the best deal — you don't have to buy it from your current pension provider
    • What sort of annuity to buy — one just for you or one to include a pension for your spouse or partner when you die
    • Whether to take a tax-free lump sum from your pension fund first

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