This weekend Absa Bank Ltd (Absa), member of the Barclays Africa Group Ltd, launched its app for the Apple Watch, marking a first for South African banking. The launch of the app on the watch represents Absa’s response to its existing and prospective customers who increasingly use mobile and digital channels for their banking.

“Our customers have expressed a desire for feature-rich banking experiences that add convenience, choice and value to their daily lives,” says Evans Munyuki, Head of Digital, Retail & Business Banking, at Barclays Africa.

The app on the Apple Watch functions as a lifestyle-enhancing digital banking facility, which will enable customers to quickly and conveniently access their banking via the Apple Watch. Furthermore it serves as another example of how Absa’s customers in South Africa benefit from the customisation of global digital assets from across Barclays. Absa’s version builds on the Barclays model, providing a host of benefits for its local users, and will be iteratively enhanced on an ongoing basis.

Delivering better customer solutions at an accelerated pace is at the heart of Absa’s purpose of helping people achieve their ambitions and helping them to prosper.

“The first widely accepted technological change in banking came in the form of online banking and mobile payments. Now we have introduced the capability to view your bank balance and limits from the app for the Apple Watch.”

“We realised that our customers experience ‘instant moments’ or ‘mobile moments’, where they need to access key financial information in an instant. This release for the Apple Watch is part of our initiative to embrace this particular customer need.”

Traditional providers of financial services are being challenged by new technologies, agile companies and innovative products. Absa and Barclays Africa is constantly adapting its thinking and approach in alignment with its customers and the technological environment they are faced with, in anticipation of what banking will look like in the future.

“We are on the cusp of an evolution in financial services, where technology and digital innovation will revolutionise the way in which we do business. The app from Absa for Apple Watch is proof of our commitment towards staying ahead while delivering best value for our customers,” concluded Munyuki.

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Fast Facts: App from Absa for Apple Watch

  • Consumer must have an Absa Bank Account 
  • Consumer must have an iPhone 
  • App must be available on iPhone 
  • Need to sync app to Apple Watch 
  • Allows you to check bank balance and account limits.