Assistance includes everything from emergency medical advice and trauma counseling to general assessment, referrals and home care advice. This means a decrease in unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.

What you can expect

  • This service is available to

    This service is available to:
    • Flexi account
    • Flexi Value Bundle
    • Gold Value Bundle for Workplace Banking
    • Platinum Value Bundle for Workplace Banking


  • Your Personal Health Adviser

    Your Personal Health Adviser:
    1. Can provide emergency medical advice and trauma counselling
    2. Will assess your symptoms and refer you to the most appropriate healthcare professional
    3. Is knowledgeable on all aspects of healthcare and may suggest home care remedies with scheduled follow-up assessment calls, if required
    4. Can explain medical terms, results of tests and provide information relating to any medication you may be taking
    5. Provides counselling for chronic ailments and diseases, minimising the impact of these conditions on your daily life
    6. Has access to one of the most widely used poison databases in South Africa
    7. Provides telephonic trauma debriefing and may refer you to a trauma counsellor

    You also have access to a pre-recorded audio library, should you require information on a topic that you would rather not discuss with a nurse directly