Offering customers access to discounted services of general practitioners, dentists and optometrists, as well as a family nursing line.

Discounted Doctors' Network

  • This service is available to

    This service is available to:
    • Gold Value Bundle for Workplace Banking
    • Group Scheme – Platinum Value Bundle for Workplace Banking
    • Flexi Account
    • Flexi Value Bundle

    With this service you get 20%-40% contracted discount rate from a medical professional near you.

What else can I expect?

  • Europ Assistance SA

    Europ Assistance SA has contracted the services of private doctors and has one of the largest general practitioner networks in South Africa, with a membership of approximately 2 800 doctors nationwide.

    Members may visit any of the Europ Assistance Halo Network contracted general practitioners and enjoy a discounted rate on the following:

    • Acute and chronic consultations
    • Acute medication – many doctors, particularly in rural areas provide acute medication as part of their service and the discounts will apply to both the consultation and medicine dispensed
  • Discounted Dentistry Network

    Members may visit any of the Europ Assistance SA 1 300 contracted dentists where they will enjoy a discounted rate on the following:

    • Consultation and oral exam
    • Extractions and surface restoration
    • Dentures
  • Discounted Optometry Network

    Our national footprint comprises 1 300 Optometrists who provide the following benefits at pre-negotiated discounted rates:

    • Eye examination
    • Single and bi-focal lenses
    • Frames from a selected range
    Terms and conditions
    • There are no limits to the number of consultations and the benefit is available to the member and their direct family.
    • Member must pay cash for the consultation upon arrival and provide positive identification.
    • Doctors, Optometrists and Dentists charge a reduced fee which may vary from practice to practice.
    • The service is available during office hours and bookings must be made via the Europ Assistance SA call centre, where the best option, i.e. nearest and most affordable solution is sourced for the member.
  • Family Nursing Line with personal health adviser

    This is a healthcare service providing unlimited access to qualified nurses 24 hours a day. Your personal health adviser:

    • Can provide emergency medical advice and trauma counselling
    • Can explain medical terms, results of tests and provide information relating to any medication you may be taking
    • Provides counselling for chronic ailments and diseases, minimising the impact of these conditions on your daily life
    • Provides telephonic trauma debriefing and may refer you to a trauma counsellor
    • The call centre agent will also make the appointment on behalf of the member

    To access the above value-added service you can call Europ assistance on 0861 072 566.