Kudough is South Africa’s leading consumer financial wellness solution using real-time credit bureau information from 3 credit bureaus compared side by side to help you build, manage and protect your credit status. Kudough provides expert advice, education, access to tools, and alerts to help build and improve your financial standing.

You have web and mobi access to all of these services.

  • What you get

    Monthly combined report of 3 credit bureaus
    • Kudough makes understanding your credit history simple with all your credit information in one easy-to-read comparative report.

    Monthly credit status
    • Your status is a ranking which plots you from A+ (Excellent) to an F (Poor) which will help you understand and manage your creditworthiness.

    Monthly credit scores
    • See your credit scores and how you rank.

    Free expert advice, debt tools and tips
    • Our consultants will advise you on how you can improve all elements of your credit standing and how to get there
    • Status simulator: See what your status could be, what to do to get there and how long it will take.
    • Mini Debt Assessment: Understand your debt risk and what your disposable income is before you take on new credit.
    • Identity Theft manager: Stop identity theft with our proprietary identity theft solution.


    Professional Services
    • Dependent on each members requirement and financial position, members will be directed to debt counselling or mediation services:
    • Our qualified and registered counsellors will:
      • Provide debt advice
      • Do an over-indebtedness assessment

    Free 24-hour legal assistance
    • Access to qualified attorneys, 24/7, 365 days a year regarding civil, criminal, labour or credit related matters
    • Access to over 100 standard legal documents e.g. Rental agreements
    • Where necessary referral to our panel attorney (closest to you) for a free 30 minute face to face consultation.

    Discounts at over 350 partners nationally
    • Helping you make smarter shopping decisions and giving you savings every day.
    • Everything from restaurants to cars and clothing to name a few


    • Joining fee: R98.00
    • Monthly fee: R49.00 (38% saving on retail rate)
  • How to get it

    To add CreditSmart to you transactional account, contact the Value-added Services call centre on 08600 08600, option 2 or email featuresstorequeries@absa.co.za.

  • What you need to know

    • Operating hours are from Monday to Friday 08:00 – 17:00.
    • The call centre is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
    • You have access to the Kudough website and mobi site that will provide you with your credit information sent via SMS and email.
    • Pricing is based on the retail price determined by Kudough and may change from time to time.
    • When registering, the member must agree to the Kudough terms and conditions.