Take Me Home is a service that provides a designated driver to take you home after a night out, with the added convenience of having your vehicle driven home safely.

Benefits to Absa clients

  • Free annual trips

    • Private Banking — 10 trips per year

    You can still book extra trips and pay the service provider directly if you exceed your quota.

  • Collection and drop-off

    • This service is available where the pick-up point or drop-off point is within the metropolitan areas:
      • Johannesburg 
      • Pretoria
      • Cape Town
      • Durban
      • East London
      • Port Elizabeth
      • George
    • The total trip does not exceed 50 km.
  • Drive me home

    • A vehicle, with two drivers, will be dispatched to drive you home in your own vehicle
    • The designated drivers are equipped with a cellphone and have access to GPS
  • Additional passengers

    • The service is available to you as a client and up to a maximum of two passengers, collected from a single pick-up point and transported to a single drop-off point
    • The service will not allow for various drop-off points, as drop-off is at a single destination which you determine when you log the call
  • Booking a trip

    • Private Banking — 0861 131 007
    • For online booking visit: www.absatmh.co.za

Things to note when travelling:

  • How to book a trip

    • Bookings should preferably be made at least 48 hours in advance to guarantee a booking.
    • Bookings can be made 60 minutes in advance during off-peak times. Pick-up time may be up to 60 minutes from time of booking.
    • During peak periods, bookings can be made 120 minutes in advance. Pick-up time may be up to 120 minutes from time of booking.

    The agent facilitating the booking may ask you to provide an alternate contact number to ensure that the designated driver can make contact at the specified collection time.

  • Changing a booking

    If you move from the location of pick up without notifying the agent, the service provider may not be in a position to deliver the service. It will remain your responsibility to notify an agent within a reasonable time frame of your intention to change the location of pick up.

  • Pick-up and drop-off points

    • When a booking is made, a pick-up point will be agreed on between you and the service provider.
    • At the specified time and location, an agent will notify you that the pick-up driver has arrived, at which time you will have 15 minutes to meet the designated driver. If there is no response after 15 minutes, an agent will notify you that the pick-up driver will be leaving and the trip will be cancelled. Cancellation terms apply.
    • When you are to be collected at a large venue such as a casino, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pick-up point is a clearly identifiable landmark and can easily be located.
  • Peak and off-peak times

    Peak times
    Off-peak times
      Thursday evening to Sunday morning Sunday evening to Thursday morning
    Start times First pick-up at 17:30 First pick-up at 17:30
    Closing tmes Last bookings at 01:00
    Last pick-up at 03:00
    Last bookings at 02:00
    Last pick-up at 03:00
    • Peak times also include public holidays (the night before and on the day) and in some instances major public events that happen within the covered areas
    • Once a booking has been confirmed, the pick-up time will not be changed during peak periods
    • During off-peak periods, the service provider may be able to change the times, but this will be reviewed at time of request
  • Cancellations

    • Any bookings cancelled in less than 60 minutes before the proposed collection time will be billed at the full rate and deducted from your total covered incidents
    • During peak periods, the cancellation time will be extended to 90 minutes
  • Additional terms and conditions

    • 50km is covered from point of pick up to point of drop off.
    • In instances where you wish to travel further and capacity on the day allows it, you will be charged accordingly and payment terms will be facilitated by the designated service provider.
    • Please take note that Take Me Home service is not a taxi service and can only transport you in your vehicle.